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  1. Doorkickers 2: Task Force North

    My money is ready!
  2. Watch Dogs

    Videos of the pirate versions are all over youtube now. I don't think this one will be a lemon, but we should get some legit reviews by Monday
  3. Watch Dogs

    Grass/plants look downgraded as hell. Reminds me of Deus Ex: HR for PC : / (hair meshes of NPCs for example).
  4. Watch Dogs

    All their games now use Uplay, I don't see why Ubi would make an exception for this one.
  5. Goodbye

    Thank you for your great work Jeremy! I hope would will find another project to do fast!
  6. Battlefield 4

    Yeah same for me. For a AAA game and a FPS at that, this is unacceptable... This is seriously ridiculous.
  7. A small update

    I can't wait for this game, I'm so tired of BF4.
  8. A plan rarely survives first contact!

    All in all this is a good news.
  9. CoD Ghosts or BF4? Neither? Both? Ahhhhh!

    From a BF hater: Dice played it safe for BF4, it's what BF3 should have been, but whatever. The SP is a graphic showcase and boring as hell. The graphics/lightings/weather are really great and they almost avoided the glare/flare effect abuse. The story is really boring and there is a lot of holes in the plot. Basically you cruise around the world with 2-3 teamates and the only order you can give them is "shoot X pack of enemies". But they're so slow/bad at doing the job, you end up being the one-man army taking care of everything and they just tag along for the ride. Honestly I don't know why they still bother with SP, it's just a waste of resources that could have been used somewhere else. So yeah no surprise there the MP is where things happen. The MP is a lot like BF3. There is a mix of old and new stuff and a lot of tweaks that makes a huge difference. The level of destruction is still nowhere need Bad Company 2, but it still better than BF3. The maps are well designed and the changing weather (even if it's scripted) is really cool. There is a map that is a bit like Wake Island and after a while a bit storm start washing the island, the sky become dark, there is thunder, rain, strong winds and HUGE waves (when you're driving a boat or a jet ski in the storm, it's one hell of a challenge). Another map is a flooded city and the water level keep rising, really cool too . The weapons/vehicles/kits unlocks were refined a bit, some items were swapped around, other tweaked for the better IMO. Right now there's a few frustrating bugs, you get random freezes (which cause you to lose the stuff you just unlocked) and crashes. Overall it's BF3, but better. Nothing huge or groundbreaking, but small change that make a difference. So far I don't regret my purchase, it's fun as hell to play with friends.
  10. I Hope You Don't Enjoy These Games

    I steered clear of any game using GFWL, unless there was a way to circumvent it (thank to all the bright minds of the internet).
  11. Battlefield 4

    Exaaaaaactly and a lot of people seem to have forgotten this.
  12. Battlefield 4

    So far I'm not impressed, it a rerelease of BF3 with it cut content. Most of the "new features" are things they stripped from the previous games for no reason. Hit detection is still crap, you spawn surrounded by enemies, there's almost no recoil on weapons (it feel like COD), soldiers are small and sluggish and what the hell happened to the graphics? It looks like a console port! The graphics were way better in BF3 and once again they overused the glare effect. I also didn't see much change about the destruction.
  13. EA no longer licensing weapon names

    But IP laws doesn't apply to the military nomenclature no? For example, the M11 is a SIG P228 and so on. If I'm right, it shouldn't be a big deal for the industry.
  14. Battlefield 4

    If hit detection in BF3.5 is still client-side this add-on will fail.
  15. SimCity Launch a Disaster

    Well that's the problem, customers keeps coming back, so why would they change?