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  1. Ground Branch, i think we really need you

    I'm praying with you...its been a struggle for awhile now!
  2. Takedown: Red Sabre

    Ground Branch is my only hope for a good tactical shooter..Goodluck! You haven't rushed out anything, so I have faith in you. I really believe everybody kickstarted the WRONG game and it might hurt your chances in the future. Takedown is a huge fail to me, I supported it thinking it would be more than a rushed pile of poo. The weapons, character models, and maps are pretty nice, but it is all ruined by the actual game itself. Christian Allen fails to mention everything that is messed up....its not the difficulty that he clarifies in his community update. You can't see pings, player lists, teams or anything while playing, let alone kick the robot voice spammers. The damage system doesn't even work....my player goes from Green to Red...then I can sprint again 30 seconds later. It's not even as good as the "limp" from rainbow six and that was 10 years ago! I'm ok with dying after 1 shot, not being able to tell teams apart, not having a center aiming recticle....these aren't my problems your game just sucks!
  3. Introducing BlackFoot's first title.........

    sweet, sounds great, now if only madden would come out sooner so i can be occupied until this game comes out!
  4. Image Teaser Discussion Thread

    Thx so much!!, words can't even describe how happy i am to see the M14..and very original way of implementing it!!! you guys rock..can't wait for your game -dozer
  5. Weapons

    Yes, plz give us the old but reliable M14! Truely powerful at long range with a skilled shooter!
  6. Team Vs. Team Games

    I'm looking for the good old school, sim style first person shooter. The only game mode that matters is a team survival mode with no respawns so we can have ladder play!
  7. Maps

    After reading that some of the greatest maps in MP gaming history are your work be sure that i will purchase a copy of your game when its finished! But i'll be expecting big things from you considering those maps were designed 10 years ago. Can't wait to see what kind of maps you can whip up for us with todays technology. Thanks for realizing the huge potential of a market that seems to have been forgotten, the original FPS community. - And im beggin you for some kind of multiplayer adversial mode of play with NO respawns! -l3ulldozer