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  1. MAN THIS DEMO IS FUN!!! Is it possible to Aim down sights/ cancel ADS with right mouse button instead of using the left mouse button/mouse wheel?
  2. I just got windows 7 on amazon for 52$ refurbished. Hopefully everything installs and works.
  3. Will this be a problem for the operators edition? I don't really feel like upgrading right now. ahh dang just noticed min requirements doesn't support vista.
  4. I get a strange error Groundbranch.exe- entry point not found the procedure entry point k32getprocessimagefilenameW could not be located in the dynamic link library KERNEL32.dll I have vista 64 >.<
  5. Impossible to answer this question. Since ghost recon had over 40 maps to choose from. I always loved the pipeline in Mountain. All the city type maps vilnuis, polling center, market, red square, embassy. I enjoy playing nearly every map depending on what gamemode on what map. Always made it a good time. (Beach, Island, hunting lodge, refinery, ghost town, prison, big docks small docks, small river, train wreck, night battle.) I could go on forever if I included modded maps lol
  6. Rainbow Six: Siege (PC/XB1/PS4)

    BEST VIDEO EVER!!!!!!!!!!^^^^^^^^ FTW FTW FTW
  7. This game is perfect for mastering the art of corner side wallhacking while camping waiting for enemies to show up. This game reminds me of what ghost recon turned into. :BARF:
  8. Rainbow Six: Siege (PC/XB1/PS4)

    They really need to get rid of all the barricades, barbwire, drones. If they don't have a last man standing mode without all these gimmicks I wouldn't even consider buying. game seems too flashy on how they are adding all these elements (shooting at walls, putting down cover boxes, hit indication??) If we had hit indication in the original ghost recon or ravenshield we would be dead before the indication would go off.
  9. Ghost Recon Servers

    AOG and CHI still have dedicated servers. Sad I can't play this game anymore because my uverse internet is soo buggy. http://armyofghost.com/ They still are able to get a full server going. very nice clan kinda like how the whole entire ghost recon community was back in the day!
  10. Rainbow Six: Siege (PC/XB1/PS4)

    If they don't put a 3rd person cover system I will buy this. But if they put it in like most of the games then nononononono. Third person ruined tom clancy for sooo many :[
  11. Grenades

    I hope the grenades work like the earliest version of ghost recon where they had less arm strength and more of a curve effect where you could explode them in the air and change how soft/far you wanted to throw them. In ghost recon 1.4 they made it so they could throw the grenades soooo far away and they made the oicw spam SOOOO simple and unfair! was all about using your threat indicator and whatever combination of gun/secondary you were using to be the best player ever! I didn't play much of 1.4 since the game was more infinite spawn/massive terrain, they changed the game soooo much after the expansion packs.
  12. Is there a way to donate early?

    Same here haven't had a tactical shooter for a WHOLE CENTURY. No other games were like the ones RSE created and I thought those games got GREAT RECOGNITION. Back when ravenshield was on xbox it got so much love. It was either play ravenshield or halo 2 on xbox live!
  13. Running the killhouse...

    This looks like GREAT FUN!! :] I hope this game has a lean that reminds me of ravenshield. All other games I have played make lean somewhat worthless and not a feature I would ever use. Being able to peek while running and reload while pushing the run button are important for me. Other than that this game looks like something I would love to play from day 1. Great job showing this video off! Hope for more training levels
  14. CoD Ghosts or BF4? Neither? Both? Ahhhhh!

    IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Stalingrad over both of them if you enjoy strictly only flight games :] Might get stomped on if you don't have the right equipment though.
  15. Something is brewing....

    Hehe great job on that tease, really got amped for that 15 Seconds :] January is a perfect time for a kickstarter! Saddle up boys