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  1. Running GB in WINE is a bad idea... 1. Just because some games are WINE Platinum that means nothing....WINE is a moving target....a game that is considered Platinum in a WINE release , next week can be garbage because WINE is constantly evolving and some times nasty bugs or regressions are introduced making havoc....this is all because WINE devs are of course trying to guess what Windows and it's components do/work. 2. UE3 under WINE has a pretty lousy performance, i.e. frame rate. It's a heavy engine by itself and when we put in the mix WINE that has to translate Dx9 graphics to OpenGL, well, performance goes down the hill....never mind any game that is Dx10 or Dx11 only....it won't work under WINE at all. Ryan Gordon already ported non-officially (but with the blessing from EPIC) UE3 for Linux , GB devs "only" need contact RG when game is finished and break a deal with him to him port the game....he is very experienced in porting games for Linux.
  2. I didn't forgot this game !!!....and a possible port for LINUX !!! 2013 Is going to be the Year of LINUX gaming: http://www.phoronix....item&px=MTI2Mzk ...and MUCH MUCH MORE IMPORTANT.... 1st game using UNREAL ENGINE *3* PORTED TO LINUX: http://www.phoronix....item&px=MTI1ODE RED ORCHESTRA 2 : HEROES OF STALINGRAD (ALSO uses UE3 !!!): Possibly ported to LINUX in 2013 !!! http://www.phoronix....item&px=MTI2NDk Shameless copy/paste: Earlier this month the first Unreal Engine 3 game that's native to Linux was released, thanks to the work of Ryan "Icculus" Gordon. Now with UE3 being "officially" ported to Linux in a released game, after Unreal Tournament 3 for Linux failed to be released, other UE3-based games have hope for a Linux debut. In an exchange on Twitter between Ryan Gordon and John Gibson, the President of Tripwire Interactive, there's now hope for seeing a Linux port of Red Orchestra 2. Gibson congratulated Gordon on getting Unreal Engine 3 to work on Linux and says that "we should talk" after Gordon mentioned "RO2." Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad is the sequel to Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45. Red Orchestra 2 debuted in September of 2011 as a Windows-exclusive title that's powered by Unreal Engine 3. Red Orchestra 2 is a first-person shooter themed around World War 2, and in particular the Battle of Stalingrad. The game has been reviewed favourably and now there's hope of seeing it released on Linux. Ryan Gordon has previously been involved with Tripwire Interactive where he ported Red Orchestra and Killing Floor to Linux. The original Red Orchestra along with Killing Floor are based upon Unreal Engine 2.5 with modifications, not UE3. Here's to hoping we see Red Orchestra 2 natively on Linux in 2013, the year of Linux gaming... Come on Devs !!! Embrace the Penguin !!!
  3. Might be but things are changing fast....a Linux Console made by Valve is gonna help WE are eager to spend money in Linux Native games ...check HumbleIndieBundle and their numbers show that we are the ones that are willing to pay MORE for games...we are simply starving for games.... The reactions at Valve Linux blog were so overwhelming that they had to apply filters to reduce amount of answers Personally i dropped Windows once and for all (and won't buy ever again a Windows-Only game) as soon as it was confirmed that Valve was doing this....i simply formatted the HD and installed Linux alone instead of dual boot ....i wasn't either expecting to buy more than a game this year for Windows but now i'm getting ready to buy 3-6 Linux games this year I used to buy lot's of games for Windows (i have more than 50 legit DVD games for Windows and a bunch of them also at Steam) but now i'm gonna resell almost all my Windows-Only games (won't resell for example ETQW or UT2004 because they have Linux Clients)...now it's time to buy a lot of Linux games
  4. Taking in account that now you are an approved Steam title, taking in account your desire to look in to it for a Linux port and lack of experience to do it yourselves , you might consider contact the Linux Cabal at Valve.... and i quote from their Linux blog: ............................................................. And something completely different: If we know there is game on Steam where the devs are interested to port over to Linux but might need the right incentive and/or help, would the Valve Linux Team render assistance and what would that look like? I know you are already reaching out to game devs who have existing Linux versions but it might be smart to reach out to interested parties as well. Valve Linux team says: August 3, 2012 at 2:21 pm Game developers who are interested in porting an existing Steam game from their catalog to Linux should send us an email at valvelinuxteam@valvesoftware.com.
  5. Now that Valve decided to port to LINUX the Steam client, the Source Engine and their catalog of games (starting with L4D2 (that there is already pictures of it running under LINUX)) and pushing their partners to do the same and even Valve helping the LINUX community to dev open source drivers , how about you join in and make a LINUX client that might even use Steam ? I know that you use Unreal Engine 3 but that , AFAIK, also supports LINUX . The LINUX market is eagger for high quality FPS LINUX games and WINE is not considered a real option. We want NATIVE clients. Check this out : http://blogs.valveso...teamd-penguins/ Not only Valve plans seem to include LINUX on Desktops and notebooks but also.....a LINUX console !!!! (Some even say that it's name will be SteamBox....dunno if it's true) So, Valve plans for LINUX are BIG.