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  1. Get RvS License

    I understand your meaning. But we have what we have. Take RvS, install the patches, add the Impreal mod, crank up all your graphical settings, and it is the best indoor shooter in existence in the commercial world. It isn't perfect, but for me it is currently the reigning indoor/area grounds shooting champ - along with SWAT 4 Stechkov Syndicate running the Sherrifs Special Forces Mod. Found this someone posted so you can see the Impreal mod - or rather its successor. It's low res but you get the picture. No mystical floating crosshairs, just iron or scoped sights for every weapon in the game. I run all sorts of titles, not just the ones geared toward realism. It doesn't matter if it's Arkham City, Resistance 3, Uncharted series, HALO or Dead Island. Several titles on the Vita along with the hardware have made me really enjoy myself. If it's a good game then it's a good game. However, if the tagline of a game is a pretense toward is realism, well, do the math. Some money men have forgotten, or else never knew, realism can be immersive AND enjoyable.
  2. Kickstarter video feedback

    The other thing of which people should be aware is one video is not meant to be the end all be all. It is not meant to provide the finite details but rather generate interest. It's the come hither look. Successive videos provide the bulk and depth of the info.
  3. Tank-like movement?

    Freelook also allows titles to more easily support programs such as Face Track NoIR: http://facetracknoir...ome/default.htm or TrackIR is said titles do not provide native inclusion.
  4. Cutscenes and such

    Much agreed. Talk about making people cringe. WTH? It's enough to make you turn the audio completely down. We would just shake our heads. That and the manner in which professional operators are running around like privates, standing at parade rest, yelling like idiots. No, just no. The way it's been portrayed in movies and games is just wholly wrong. The feeling is far off the mark. Sometimes it's small things. Comments or nuances of body language. The way the SEALs were portrayed in The Rock...bad. Wrapped way too tight. Too regimented, to much like privates running around. The manner in which Cat Shannon's Team acted in The Dogs of War on the boat? Very familiar.
  5. Kickstarter campaign release date?

    Ha ha. The lower res 720p version from Youtube actually looks better than I expected. It's a hit an miss there. Some in 720p look good while others do not. This one? It's a hit. Plenty in this video no one has seen as well.
  6. Deal of the day

    Yeah I have Steam and saw that. I run my laptop on my 52in XBR but only when I absolutely have to. Usually I just wind up gaming on the desktop for a PC title. I prefer my PS3. Or 360 when it works. I know it sounds like I am slagging on the 360 but as you can see from my gamertag I was playing Splinter Cell day before yesterday and the damn thing locked up on me...twice. My 5th 360 just froze. It's working again but I am not taking anymore chances. I just prefer using the controller without having to set anything up.
  7. Deal of the day

    http://www.amazon.com/BioShock-Playstation...3678&sr=8-2 PS3 Bioshock Free Shipping, $29.99 I already own this but still grabbed a copy for a friend of mine.
  8. Browsing BFS with PS3 issue

    Yeah, you are right. Once I get to any other subforum everything is normal. But if I go to the main page then the constant flashing - which is a page reload - occurs.
  9. Browsing BFS with PS3 issue

    No the entire screen on my 52in Bravia flashes. The entire website actually. And it flashes in sync with the "Build your game around a community" banner. I can't navigate anywhere on the forum.
  10. Browsing BFS with PS3 issue

    I am running the latest firmware and on a Bravia as well. The flashing is so bad I can't get to the bottom for the lo-fi version. Every flash sends me back to the top of the page and they com every half second. I am going to email myself the link and try to go from there.
  11. Browsing BFS with PS3 issue

    I think we need to get another US PS3 in here as well. I am getting the same issues as you on the main page but I am getting a constant flashing of the entire forums. It's almost in sync with the flashing banner. Thanks for the assistance Witzbold.
  12. Browsing BFS with PS3 issue

    Actually the problem is a flashing at the main forum. You have a Japanese PS3, correct?
  13. Browsing BFS with PS3 issue

    We would like someone else with a PS3 to browse to this forum. Do not use the Low fi version but rather the regular forum page and note if you have any issues with the PS3 browser. We are trying to sort out an issue and would appreciate the help. Thanks.
  14. I am El Conquistador

    I heard this a long time ago on Bob and Tom and it killed me. http://vids.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseacti...ideoID=27933273
  15. Bluray sales in Europe accelerating