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  1. Is this game alive or dead? worried..

    Thanks for the reply!
  2. Is this game alive or dead? worried..

    Can't wait for the public build to be available! Loving the progress that is always being made. Additionally, are they planning on adding build update information and other things to the "recent news" tab on your Steam client? Example here:
  3. Character Loadout [SUGGESTION]

    I agree with this. Additionally, it could be made so that every match is different and the color of the uniform/camouflage is randomly assigned to the alpha and bravo team before the match (of course they can't both be the same). Then there wouldn't be any bickering over, "But I want our team to be ACU! Why do we get olive drab?" In theory, though, I guess if you're working with your team and communicating with them you would know who is good and who is bad. Maybe this is where the arm patches would be emphasized. I also understand that our character names are going to be visible in the back of our vest/uniform? What about if we make the text is team members of alpha blue, and bravo's names would be seen in red text. Sort of like how your teams are identified in Swat 3, example: Just some ideas.
  4. AI progress and sneaking

    All in all, you fellas are putting in hard work and I can tell that we're not going to be let down. Keep hustling.
  5. Squad Gameplay - 23 Minutes

    A while ago I was messing around and decide to make a montage video of some Squad game play. Here it is! I tried my hardest to incorporate all sorts of aspects in the game: medic, marksmen, riflemen, vehicles, anti-tank, etc.
  6. [PC] SWATNG (next generation), a tactical police simulator

    Ahhh alrighty, I'll look into those sometime for sure. I also agree with this.
  7. [PC] SWATNG (next generation), a tactical police simulator

    I agree with this. I put so many hours both into Swat 3 and 4, and while I can arguably say that Swat 3 offered the best in terms of control and tactics Swat 4 was also well done. I've long been hoping for a mod that would allow you to be able to toggle between a dynamic and stealth mode as you could in Swat 3. That aside, I hope this devs of SWATNG keep active because it could be very promising and a great revival of an awesome game.
  8. Holiday build available!

    I've been patiently waiting for the next build, and man it just keeps getting better and better. You folks are doing tremendous work!
  9. The YouTube Thread

    LOL I honestly have no clue...
  10. 007 skyfall

    Yeah, considering the differences between the older films and the newer ones, they've still managed to keep the franchise running extremely well. I do have to agree that the new ones are just as good as the old ones. I'm a sucker for the classics though. I have to say though working for the MI6 would be amazing. Travel everywhere, see the world, take down badguys... plus, this guy gets laid in every exotic country he's been in.
  11. Introduce yourself

    Hey guys! I really don't have that much to say and I'll try not to say too much. I grew up playing Rainbow Six and Ghost Recon, they were truly amazing titles. It's a little sad to see the direction the gaming industry is taking when it comes to modern tactical shooters. These third party companies like Blackfoot Studios are really all we have to look forward to. I'm glad to see you guys are working on a title that will bring back what we've been missing, and more. It looks like you got a great setup here and you're going to be very successful. Also happy to see a lot of serious gamers out here that are really devoted. A lot of you guys are ex-military which I bet makes all the difference. I work in some law enforcement and from what I've learned with Rainbow Six and SWAT 3, if the game's developed correctly what works in real life will work in the game. A game that's tactically real and immersive can be the most fun. Can't say I'll be able to do much to help but I'll gladly spread the word and stick around.