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  1. Moving Forward

    Bam!!! ^^^ Success advice indeed. Especially the intern part - get that free help! In return they gain experience. Excellent trade off.
  2. Moving Forward

    A blog is important fellas I agree. But keep in mind, this man and the small team has a personal life as well. If the blog will be cutting into they're personal lived, that alone will interfere with game development...(not enough sleep, not eating right, lack of vagina, etc...). One of YOU guys here from the forum should volunteer to to update the blog. Contact BFS, get the info and update the blog. Now we will have the blog, BFS can focus solely on the game and they're personal lives... and we all have a win/win situation. Jsone. Don't forget... I am representing the console community. So please once successful on PC - hook us up with the console version. Thank you. ^^^ Apologies for the typos/grammatical errors above. I am on my iPhone and did not proof read as thorough as I thought I did.
  3. Moving Forward

    Thanks for the update Jsone. For those of us that will not be present to play the demo may you please put up some video footage with you guys (not random people) playing at least one mission professionally like a true tactical team (Methodical, Slow Paced). And please if the max coop is 6 players, then please give us 6 players in that video. Hopefully, this in turn, should get - us the viewer REALLY excited and the more mature, cerebral fps fans watching will react off "impulse" and donate right there on the spot generated via the excitement from the well executed gameplay vid. *Visual Imprint, Psychological Advertising* Agreed with the commentors above, we got your back, dont take in the negative comments, your mind is needed elsewhere now When you release that gameplay video I look forward to it and to imbedding it onto every forum I visit.
  4. Late to this game. Will there be another kick starter?

    Jsone, Thanks for the response. I look forward to the update.
  5. Late to this game. Will there be another kick starter?

    Absolutely, If they BFS provide controller support (Xbox 360 controller) I would play on a laptop, but not connected to my tv. (Reason why below). I use to play rainbow six vegas from my laptop using my wireless Xbox 360 controller connected to my laptop via microsofts wireless control connector. Thing is, they (the developer) would have to support this (wireless NOT wired feature) in order for it to work. Still, that said, I would prefer a console version to enjoy the game from my 60' Tv. My entertainment center is a complicated setup, something as simple as adding a hdmi, would be extremely laborious, time consuming - due to how I have it setup nice & neat going through my wall and what not. I would not even go that route, a console version is needed of course after its PC success.
  6. Late to this game. Will there be another kick starter?

    Excellent. Look forward to it. I will support. However, I would like to inform the developer I represent the console community and will be supporting the game so it may prosper onto PC with the hope - it will release for console sometime after. Regarding consoles, I understand there are publisher requirements, fees and what not. The console companies are extremely stupid for creating this much red tape barrier. Still, I am confident, this game will make it onto the console scene. I would like to make it clear... I have nothing against PC, you guys have the best selection of games.. I "personally" speaking for myself - do not like keyboard & mouse, can never get used to it, don't like it, that is what kills it for me. A controller, couch, and my 60' LED are my comforts for this medium. I look forward to reading/seeing what the next public steps are regarding this game I am enthusiastic for.
  7. I would like to support if you are allowed to reopen.