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  1. Where did you hear/ read about Ground Branch?

    Link from friend to kickstarter
  2. Absolutely. To be a true, pure eSport game, the intent of GB technically is not compatible. But I think keeping that door open, even if it is not a traditional esport format, to allow for clan v clan matches would be great.
  3. eSports is a tough market to break. However, I think one aspect that should be considered is the effect clans have on games. Take Socom for example. It was a console game that was similar to PC games (server lists, passwords, vote to kick, etc). Personally, I got into Socom right before the S4 beta came out when I picked up a copy of Confrontation. One thing I noted when I played Socom was when you would join up a pub, you run into a squad/clan basically every match. This results in more realistic game play as those players will function as a team instead of a bunch of randoms who do nothing together. Especially when you play Classic Socom (1-life per round). I think with GB, having squad vs squad happening on servers more often than not is very important to the quality of online play. As others have stated in this thread, true competition can only be achieved in a LAN setting. However, many communities have thrived because of the tools that were provided to them to compete against each other in online tournaments and leagues. Albeit a game like GB will likely never see a ladder on some of the more popular online tournament/ladder sites, many communities were created because there were squads/clans that wanted to compete for games like Socom. Back in Socom Combined Assault, there was a community that had over 40 clans/squads competing against each other. That was just one website. IMO, supporting squads/clans should be taken into consideration when creating a new title to help build and develop the following of the title.
  4. MoH: Warfighter

    I'm looking forward to this game. I did enjoy playing MOH 2010--both MP and SP. While my gaming background comes more from the arcade action type shooter genres and eSports, I do have appreciation for the slow-down shooters that are closer to simulations (looking forward to playing GB). For me this type of game is more of a art form in terms of SP, and a type of competition in MP. I have no intentions of being a military man, but I appreciate that the many different types of shooters out there allow me to have a sneek peek inside those people lives (who go through these things).