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  1. CS or Lean?

    I too actually like the way R6 Vegas 2 cover system works because I like to see the character as long as the back against the wall isn't stuck. (Until Ubisoft ruin the game with the latest patch and didn't bother to fix it. PC version) Also never seen any game use lean + cover system before in any game. That would make for an interesting match. lol But from what I've seen so far? I don't think there is going to be vegas style cover system...unless there is a mod. My ideal game would be.... All of Ground Branch features from the lean and peek even being able to see your legs on the character with the R6 Vegas 2 counter terrorists theme CQB matches and throwing nades should be two hands. <---- A guy can dream. lol Odd but not a fan of counter strike. =/ But a big fan of the original R6 and GR days.
  2. MP for Competition

    punkbuster? Does anyone remember using it?