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  1. KillHouse Games

    No, but might come soon - its semi-working in the office
  2. Stalingrad

    Is that the same director as 9th Company (pretty cool, if overly emotional Afghanistan flic) ?
  3. Magicka: Wizard Wars

    I don't think this actually needs Crysis style graphics, the first Magicka was very fast and cool and the graphics were good for its purpose
  4. KillHouse Games

    Thanks for the support everyone! So far, so good Esp. the Greenlight thing seems to be going nicely for 24 hrs...
  5. KillHouse Games

    First Gameplay trailer is UP More importantly, we're crowdfunding - see http://www.inthekillhouse.com for details. And we're also trying to pass Greenlight - if you're on Steam, please vote for Door Kickers! http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=133208652
  6. KillHouse Games

    Finished Raven Shield in Observer mode !?! What a nerd... I mean, wow, that's my kind of stuff. That's how I played ever since they introduced Observer mode Thanks for the hospitality, John and Mono
  7. I'm sorry - I didn't mean to antagonize you; I was just trying to offer a different point of view. As a civilian, nothing in Jarhead nor Hurt Locker made me disconsider or think less of the armed forces portrayed. In fact I think the opposite may be true. I also I found them excellent movies overall. If that's any help, good - maybe you're too close to see it that way. We should probably agree to disagree or something. Cheers!
  8. Where did you get the idea that Jarhead portrays the marines in a negative light? Of course they're not all knights in a shining armor saving the world, but thats true for most categories portrayed by Hollywood?! I don't care for "intelectual critics" either but sometimes I feel that people that know and care too much of a subject will fail to like any movie depicting it as they focus on nitpicking (oh no, the SEALs don't actually wear Marpat, they should wear AOR2) or they think that the portrayal of this and that doesnt do justice to the real guys. You want movies to be documentaries but with Hollywood production values, right? I guess Act of Valor is kinda like that, and I enjoyed it. But if every movie was like that, wouldn't it be boring? Any movie is just a story to be told about some characters. Hurt Locker is not supposed to be the "course in EOD". Its a drama about a character that hides his feelings through bravado in face of danger. He cares more than he shows. He gets home and is enstranged to his family but also feels the absolute lack of importance in the questions that normal people face every day ("what cereal should i buy"). He serves his country but sacrifices more than you know in doing so. That, to me, is the most important tribute to the fighting man in general. Now, if you want to talk about Avatar, yeah, that's a crap portrayal directed at marines, sure; But Jarhead?!
  9. XCOM: Enemy Unknown

    Finished it in Classic Ironman, but lost about 5 campaigns in trying to do so. I'm all burned out. Not bad, not bad at all. Dozens of things that could have been done better, but in the end, its a very good remake of a classic that I loved.
  10. NatGeo gone full military

    Watched it too ... don't waste your time with it. I could go in the luaghable details but the only thing I liked was the use of the canine. It's got some of the production team of Zero Dark Thirty behind it, therefore I suspect its just a vehicle to a) build some hype / interest for the real movie make some money using the same assets as ZDT But I'm not in that industry so maybe it doesn't work that way.
  11. Cliffs of Dover

    The better your crew is, the more they can get out of the submarine
  12. Bad Company 2

    Mono, do you play it on the PC or the consoles?
  13. Game of Thrones

    I'm currently starting book 4 - A feast for crows. Great series - though I must admit I almost put book 3 aside when I read the Red Wedding chapter Can't wait for the series.
  14. News clip of my day job

    Was reading this article on army training and then the names jump at me http://www.fayobserver.com/Articles/2010/04/11/989204
  15. Star Trek

    You might like it I did... but I did see some Star Trek (TNG) in my times.