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  1. Stone Rage

    This game looks really intresting: http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/stone-rage Hope they will get their goal!
  2. PR

    Ground Branch: Tropical Paradise (refering to Sumatra, where GB is based). Ground Branch: Top Of The Spear Ground Branch: Army of Arms Ground Branch: Tango Down Ground Branch: Covert Ground Branch: Black Operations Ground Branch: Undercover Just a little list...
  3. Don't believe in this anymore...

    Ah... yeah, I heard that awhile ago.. Me failing, hehe
  4. Don't believe in this anymore...

    Why I'd love to have been part of that kickstarter, but saw it short after it's failure (the news posted, the soul still burns or something like that)... :-/
  5. Art Asset Creation - ?

    Oh, ok! thnx
  6. http://blackfootstudios.com/projects.html I just took a look here and saw that Ground Branch was doing Art Asset contracts with those; I suppose that means that GB gives them assets for their games? No/Yes?
  7. Don't believe in this anymore...

    @John, Your post is very nice, and clear's most of it up for me. I will still be watching this project, as it's really awesome, the core concept behind it. I'll be looking at it from time to time, and if it ever comes out, I'll get it, because there's no else game as Ground Branch.
  8. Don't believe in this anymore...

    We all have our opinions, and I'm free to state it anywhere I like.
  9. Don't believe in this anymore...

    If you guys find it so stupid for me to post this, why do you then reply? Ignore stupid posts. I am still watching the project, I just don't really believe as much as I have done before. Jonathan, You have a good point there. But to be honest, an admin can just close/delete this thread, I have no problems in that.
  10. Don't believe in this anymore...

    Seriously ... The game has been under development since 2007. I don't want to be a dick or anything, I'm just expressing my feelings. As said, I have no hard personal feelings for this project, I wish John and co. the best of luck, and will indeed follow the game. It's not longer than that.
  11. Don't believe in this anymore...

    ya as said, I will still follow the game and I wish the guys the best, because the concept is really incredible neat
  12. Takedown: Red Sabre

  13. Man ... The game has been under development since 2007, and progress is still very slow, I'm just afraid to say, like many others, that I do not believe in this any more. I will still follow the progress though, as the idea of GB is amazing and John and co. is doing great! But this is just what I think. Sorry guys, and I will still watch it, and I can only agree with Det; a producer is needed.
  14. Takedown: Red Sabre

    I really do not understand why so many people thinks the Alpha looks so bad. When they have a so little team and budget as team Serellan has, they have actually been going pretty good. BUT. Of course animations, AI and so on is far from finished and I suppose that some of it is placeholder (well, I have a feeling that the guys at Serellan hurried a bit too much by doing the game ready till E3, only my opinion, maybe they should have spent more time). And seriously, groundbreaking, what had you guys expected ? It won't of course be in same league/scale as Ground Branch, but it's still better than nothing!!!
  15. Detcord BFS Member

    Yeah Det, please stay!!! As SiC said, dont pay the guys any mind, they're not worth it. please don't go just because of some ######tards, please !