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  1. Optical Illusions

    This should be a fun thread. The lines are there to show that the dots are moving backward and forward in straight lines.
  2. Hell Let Loose (WW2 Tactical Shooter)

    They hit their target today which is nice.
  3. Tech Demo

    Welcome. Glad you are enjoying it.
  4. Interesting. We are going to try again tonight, It confuses me that I was able to connect every time and he was not. I thought maybe it was something on his machine causing it. That's what I thought. I guess it won't hurt to try though if he can't get on tonight.
  5. Does he need to port forward if he is not hosting?
  6. Hmmm. A friend and I were attempting to play some TH tonight, I was able to join and play on the SAS server but when my friend tried joining he would just hang and then his pc would freeze up and he'd have to restart, we are both on the latest build, same happens on the test build. He is able to play TH on SP though. Any idea why this would be? Thanks.
  7. Call of Duty: WWII

    Nice textures on the "Commonwealth" though... How was/is the Beta? I didn't play because I don't want to go through big downloads for games I have no intention of buying at the moment. Just curious to know what people think compared to other recent COD releases.
  8. Happy Birthday John Sonedecker

    Happy birthday sir.
  9. 1018 Testing Build Update - 1998226

    I have been playing about, mainly exploring maps recently and had a few rounds on Terrorist Hunt. Wednesday was the 1st time I had been on Power Station and it's beautiful. Same with the ship. I have given away a couple of keys and am now looking forward to some MP. Not been on the forums for a while as work and children are my priority right now but just wanted to say that things are looking fantastic.
  10. My Mod Just Hit Top 6 In The Steam Workshop

  11. Thanks Kris, MV was super helpful and pointed out that I was not running the test build of the stand alone server. Server now shows up on LAN which is a good start. Thanks for the assistance guys.
  12. Thanks MV The bat file runs now. should be 'GroundBranchServer-Win64-Shipping' instead of 'GroundBranch-Win64-Shipping' looks like the sa bat is trying to launch the game rather than the server. Such a tease. I don't have permission to dl the file.
  13. Hmmm. I downloaded the SA server through Steam, when I try to start it through steam I get (invalid app configuration) when i try to verify files it comes back with errors. If I double click the Server app in the install folder I get nothing, if I click the dedicatedserver.bat the window pops up and the closes. Killdedicated server seems to work though as the window comes up and says it has successfully terminated the program. As yet, I have not changed anything, just been trying to get the server to run with no joy. I am new to this so maybe I am just being a bit dumb, am I missing something?
  14. Original GR in Arma 3 Campaign

    Sweet, Is this a download through steam? It looks awesome.
  15. Norways: Hunter Troop

    Pretty tough... http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-39434655