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  1. Sweet, Is this a download through steam? It looks awesome.
  2. Pretty tough... http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-39434655
  3. That would be really good if either of you would do this.
  4. On this subject, will you have an area on the GB site where people can upload/share mods? It would be good to have a central go to place to find the mods you are looking for.
  5. Mostly i use my Turkish barber. He trims my beard nicely and does this rum flame thing on my ears which always leaves me smelling slightly of rum which in turn saves me money on cologne. Nice collection by the way.
  6. May i suggest, 1v1 Rogue Spear, best of 3, bunkers, Pistols only. Winner wins and then y'all make friends?
  7. Ah, that is because the code was in the tweet.I'll see if i can find and paste it.
  8. This link from Nvidia is giving codes when you log into Uplay. https://grw-betaredeem.ubi.com/Default/Index?lang=en-GB Nvidia put it on twitter and ubi re tweeted it so should be legit.
  9. I feel the same way. Although i did get a free copy of Not Rainbow Six No Siege.
  10. One good thing about the cold weather in the Uk is that my car doesn't overheat. I'm almost tempted to add Rovers K-series engine to this thread but as frustrating as it can be, i don't actually hate it.
  11. Our workshop is like that. Gets cold at night, takes all day to warm up and then it's time to go home.
  12. I got TF2 last week. Not played it yet though. I might give it a go tonight.
  13. Welcome Konrad. 3 years with no pc? Good game choices though. What else do you play?
  14. Merry Christmas J-man