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  1. Somethings coming and here is a preview

    Awesome, cant wait
  2. Something is brewing....

    does this mean I can finally throw my money at you
  3. When there is no life after death?

    its probably one of the reasons I started the topic, because im quite unsure about what I want I would love to be able to see as much as possible (so pretty much everything on the list), but on the otherhand I would like to only be able to see whats going on with my own team (to counter abuse). so for me its probably either everything or only info about my own team.
  4. When there is no life after death?

    yeah Ive seen the Killcams topic, but I thought lets create a thread in which people can discus the "afterlife" in general, because I would love to see where I got hit
  5. When there is no life after death. what will there be? with that im reffering to the death screen, after you die, will you be put in to spectator mode? will you not be able to see anything? what can I check? I haven't found a thread talking about these small things which can make a big difference. Spectator mode Can I spectated my own team? Can I spectate the enemy team? Do I go in to a freecam? Do I get options for Night Vision for dark areas? No Spectator mode download a replay from the match later? What can I check Can I see where I got hit? Can I see my killers position when he killed me? Can I see my team's or my enemy's Gear? Can I see the routes walked by friendly's or enemy's? Can I check the scoreboard/ kills? Can I check the health of the players still playing? read, answer, discuss
  6. Kill confirmation

    I think the best way for kill confimation is the way Project Reality mod it has, you can only see it on the scoreboard after a certain time (in PR it is after giving up)
  7. Fun with replication!

  8. Its time to take our glorified GI Joe simulator...

    Looks awsome , Im still gonna need to throw money at you guys though. any news on the next kickstarter?
  9. ok thank you, I would nice to know if the price is gonna stay the same.
  10. Hi, I missed the kickstarter for this game, but I would still want to buy it, is it still possible to buy the fireteam edition for 60$ My apologies if there is already a topic like this. yours sincerly, Dutchguy