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  1. Multi-player respawn?

    Killcams is very bad, really i hate it. About respawn, Random respawn is the best in TDM and no respawn is bad because everybody want to play. just to wait the next round to play again is very bad. I hate auto join server, i want find a server to join and play, i dont want a auto join or auto play. just see a list of low ping server and find one by the low ping. Black ops 2 has a auto join and play, very bad it.
  2. VOIP in game or external program

    Voip ingame and squad of 6, 80% of bf players ask about it in BF3.
  3. M4 model?

    Modeling an M4 Rifle 15 steps http://cgcookie.com/...-rifle-part-01/ hehe
  4. Any estimate on release data?

    if possible in steam, i buy my games there! heheh And put punkbuster anti-cheat by Even Balance. I dont like very well the PB, but i am playing black Ops II and we can not see the hacks banned or what is happening. i prefer the trash of pb. my opinion but we will have a good game!
  5. Year-end.

    sugar would be the M27 ingame, some DLC in the future... heheh
  6. Year-end.

    is possible a gift of year-end? A small new video of GB. to start the year maybe with a new video?
  7. Placement of gear

    One thing I know 1911 .45ACP was used by the U.S. army special forces for a good time. heheheh
  8. Placement of gear

    Scrambles, i have video with a 1911, look o.0
  9. transform the GB in American army 4..to US Army.
  10. My 2 cents (rambling)

    Open-beta is cool, everybody play. about the demo, in july of 2005 i played the demo of BF2, after it I bought the game. i like demos.
  11. Multiplayer gametypes

    In the future we could have a new section of the forum for clans and tournaments.
  12. My 2 cents (rambling)

    BF3 or CoD are not references to any FPS game in this Stilo, i think its only my opinion. i prefer a America Army to reference. But its true we need a game like this.
  13. Ground Branch - objectives

    I prefer like aa3, TDM + 1 or 2 objectives in MP.
  14. A new ingame video, would be cool together it.
  15. This game will have PunkBuster Services? http://www.evenbalance.com/index.php