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  1. Faker Awareness Thread

    What sucks especially now is I don't work there as often, and occasionally go in to help out, but I doubt I'll be a checker again, because I could ask for his ID (In Cali, it's 100% legal to ask for ID, especially if they look under 35 years old... which I remember he was born before '81). If I ever get the chance I'll try to remember his name... I just forgot it.
  2. Faker Awareness Thread

    I gotta guy that comes into a store I worked at; and he wears this OD Green hat with a bar on his head and proclaims he's a 'retired 1st Lieutenant' of the Navy SEALs. He always wears a dark blue overcoat, black boots, and only a few times have I noticed on this overcoat the Navy SEAL pin. I felt like asking him about it, unfortunately being rude to customers will get me fired but I don't work there anymore; but the next time I go in there and see him with that silly as coat I'll get a picture so we can find out more about this guy. He also doesn't look the part of being a retired SEAL. EDIT: Grammar
  3. Another Kickstarter?

    If you guys had a paypal I'd donate some now, I really appreciate what you guys are doing and not being mainstream. EDIT: I reread that, I sound like a hipster; just thanks for not being a copy paste clone of Caw a Duty.
  4. I've never used Kickstarter before, but would very much like to use it to support the developers and the previous kickstarter campaign expired. Are there any hopes to get it going again to meet another goal by the games release in the summer?... Also so I can get my hands on the game for a $15... or if I felt like it the buddy bundle.
  5. Name one thing (not people) you hate.

    I know that feel... *feel.jpg*
  6. The YouTube Thread

    UGH!!! It's not letting me post link, w/e.
  7. Introduce yourself

    Names Will, I've given up on most of the gaming community because only once and a while, despite all our technology we get a real gem. Both Ground Branch, and Takedown are looking promising and can't wait for them, too bad I found out about this game too late for me to donate... same with Takedown. I support developers who actually try and don't copy paste like Sledgehammer/Treyarch/EA-LA aka Danger Close studios, ETC. Hope to meet some interesting people here.
  8. What weapons do you own?

    Remington 870 Express Tactical (7-Shot) Randall .45 M1911 (RARE)
  9. I'll second that. But looks like she's taking the pictures with a camera timer, not really pointing the gun towards anybody, so the only thing (to my knowledge and what it looks like) she runs the risk of killing is her camera. But to answer your question OP, yes I think this is stupid and unsafe... at least she has trigger discipline.