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  1. Does anyone know the release date for Rising Storm?
  2. Red dude you have as your avatar would look great. I'm serious, i'd buy.
  3. Art Director? Hot damn, that's awesome. But uh, are the shaders/specularity maps for Rising Storm going to be improved, some guns like the garand looked a bit like plastic bb guns. very different in comparison to vanilla red orchestra 2 graphics to me. EDIT: nevermind, i was looking at old game footage. GDC trailer looks much better.
  4. I think it depends.
  5. I think most of the community can agree with that. No good ww2 title focuses on only one conflict. Just look at battlefield 1942 and the mod forgotten hope, which has a part 2 now that is still worked on.
  6. It will be a WWI mod for RO2. Pretty jackin interesting if you ask me.
  7. Now that i think of it, this game reminds me of Red Orchestra 2. With the scopes and how the guns will work. Only thing is Red Orchestra 2 (especially it's launch) was poorly executed in some regards and it's set in Stalingrad, with what seems to be Hitler's SS vs really well armed russians, which i don't really mind but, i prefer other stuff.
  8. I'll never see my bravo again
  9. The thing is, the lead guy around here is giving alot for this game, asking for more is almost selfish (no offense) I think we should just spread the word that this game isn't roadkill (in a non trolling way)and keep spirits up. When the grand poobah is ready, there will be a game released, just don't leave him alone; he deserves the satisfaction that he has a grip on a niche.
  10. What will be the opposition? Random militias? High class terrorist'? Dinosaurs???
  11. I thought it was some german gun i saw once for a minute. Can't remember the name.
  12. Some WIP weapons
  13. I have to say, i'm intrigued by this mod but, since I no longer own GR1, I can't download it and play it. So how were the maps? I still don't have much an idea of how to structure my maps. Don't want a mess of hills, and don't want a flat plane with grass on it.
  14. another thing, any specific weapons anyone desires inclusion in the mod? Current list of weapons is: USA: -xm16e1 -xm177e1 -m14 -m21 -m60 -Swedish K -m3 grease gun MAC10 -m40 -"LAW" -Ithaca37 -Stoner63 -m1911 -walther ppk NVA: -Type56/ak47 -rpk -SKS -SVD-63 -Makarov PM -TT-33 -MAT-49 (7.62 variant) -PKM -Mosin-Nagant