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  1. Yeah really nice, would feel alive with civilians walking about doing their daily routines and markets and such.
  2. If you browse through here you will find that all of your issues have been mentioned and being worked on, including some people not able to run smalltown map and the bug tracker. Also for future reference that screen is useless as a report you'll need to submit the logs located in the GB directory under saved/logs.
  3. Its not ready yet, when it is ready it will return to the game.
  4. Played mine a day ago, forgot to upload! Looks fantastic as always.
  5. Yes, there is a 'shout' option atm, and a team radio also, not fully implemented but its there.
  6. TitanIM is not a game, one of the founders of the project comes around here now and again and I speak now and again on TS with him, he reiterates its not a game its a sim solution, VBS, also not a game, sure there are personal editions but not for much longer. GB is trying to replicate the tactical shooters of old for Coop & TvT and SP such as Rainbow six and ghost recon of which John here was a developer on and you may or may not know that these were small but very well done terrains which needed much more time planning your execution than it did bang and bullets. So having the outerra engine would be a waste of resources and resources of which Ground Branch does not have even if it wanted to go in that direction which as far as I can tell they do not. There are some nice ideas in there but at the moment John, Kris an co are working on getting a stable game out.
  7. Good start would be here
  8. Its free for all, what they are doing is changing the skins on some of the buildings and adding some new buildings. If you want to look pre-release its in the dev build atm.
  9. That is how you defend!!!
  10. @zoombapup Front & Center
  11. Yeah worth it, plus get a coop campaign and some real world weaps, m416 Aks ect. And tanoa is a great looking terrain. Also can't see their crown jewel DLC going less than $12 tbh.