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    gaming wise tactical shooters starting from original rainbowsix to RS then ghost recon/swat and the arma series mixed in with some swat. Arsenal fan!

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  1. Have same issue, seems to die down after a bit.
  2. We don't test so good....
  3. Done & Done:
  4. Fllllllllllllllllly
  5. Yeah its basically a test build to get out the kinks then it goes to public build. As of right now the new public build with all the bells and whistles is due out around the end of the week. Might be sooner or longer but it is imminent so try not to fret. Its continually being updated and changed but public builds are the more stable one so take more time to get out.
  6. Bless the Czech
  7. I would also take a look at Heroes unleashed total conversion mod, Pretty much re does everything and adds new HD weaps and terrains ect.
  8. No worries. & yeah my first thought is that 4 more films would take us to about 2027, he may not even be alive by then or in good enough health to do so. Still hope they give blondkamp a chance in the future.
  9. That has been fixed in the latest testing build.
  10. Could of been, think john changed m4/m16 sounds in one of the newer builds.
  11. you just nastyyyyy