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  1. Smooth and sultry

    Great video! Oh-oh, I'm getting excited for this again.. ;-)
  2. Real Life doing what it does best.

    I agree. I play NS 2, and although I like the lobby style, I find it hard to play 2 or 3 matches with buddies at my side.
  3. Thanks for your reply! I actually get your point very well, and actually this might be the best solution for now. I hope you have some lines open when the Alpha is there, but that's very likely the case. Is there any way for me to contribute moneywise and be able to play with when the Alpha goes public for members? I would love to give feedback and help out. Thanks, nice to meet you and this community! I have about 100 games I paid for on my Steam account. I would trade them all for a new awesome experience like I had with AA 2.X series. So no, it isn't about the money, or new weapons and maps. It was about the community, the gameplay, the tactical thinking. Everyone has a game they fell in love with. Mine was AA. Looking for a new love since then, hoping it will be GB.
  4. Hi, All of you have never seen me around here before, but I have been following Ground Branch for a while now. I am was a die-hard America's Army player, was addicted to the original R6, fell in love with Flashpoint and have been playing my way through some of the more tactic games since. I have been reading pages of interesting discussions on this forums, reading the updates regularly, and took every opportunity to tell friends about this very, very interesting game. I just wanted to give my two cents, so here goes. My question is if Ground Branch is going to make use of the new 'Early Access' section Steam implemented in it's client? Or if there's any plan in the pipeline to get people talking about this game? Because here's what troubles me: 99% of all people on this forums are going to try this game when it's first available, that's just what we tactical players do. We 'stick to the plan'. But the majority of gamers nowadays have no heart when it comes down to loyalty, especially in the games business. They move on, not looking back. And that could very well result in a very, very low numbers of players online when this game first hits the market. I genuinely think there is a market for Ground Branch, I really do. I would do anything to make this game work, heck, I would even set up a whole marketing communications plan if needed. But I just feel like people need to see an end point, a light at the end of the tunnel, before they get enthusiastic. Even I was in doubt whether to post on this forum or not, noticing that most posts are from early 2012. I really feel Ground Branch could work out. Perhaps with a early access on Steam, some money would be flowing and game progression could be sped up some. But at the moment, we haven't seen even a firefight yet, which is something that people need to see before spending their money. I'm not trying to give the developers or anyone a hard time about this. From what I've read on the forums and on the website, the devs are a bunch of straight up guys, who are pouring their hearts and souls in to this game. I was just so excited when I saw the kickstarter video on Youtube (months after the kickstarter ended.), only to see that hard work and true dedication are not being rewarded (until now). And I'm talking about the developers perspective here. I can wait, and will wait just as long as needed before I can start playing this 'soon to be awesome' game. Like I said before, if I can help out in any way, I will. Thanks for reading this long post, written in poor English, Keep the community strong, Juicy. PS: The fact that you use the same forum as America's Army's Battletracker, makes things even more nostalgic