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  1. Oh sorry, I only read it as suggestions, not site suggestions. Yeah, I guess you're right about the desert climates. It's just i've never really seen footage of a person getting shot and a ton of blood ejecting from said entry wound.
  2. I've noticed in a lot of games the death animations are too exaggerated or the ragdoll is simply to silly to be taken seriously. My ideas for the portrayal of violence include a mixture of immediate ragdoll or death animations followed by ragdoll. As most of you probably know, when a round enters the "fatal T" area of the head, the body completely shuts down. There's no grabbing, no flailing, no sort of grandiose movement. The body just completely goes limp, violently so to the point where it looks like the body cannot reach the ground fast enough. Instead of coding some complex system where this round causes this ragdoll or this death animation, my suggestion is that a successful head shot (regardless of whether it lands in the "fatal T" or not) initiates complete ragdoll. This would make the success of achieving such a feat brutally obvious, showing that the hostile you just engaged with a melon hit is definitely and without question dead. Then for below the head kills I personally think 1 or 2 good death animations would function fine (with ragdoll initiating after the animation completes). Although separate animations for arm kills, leg kills, upper torso and lower torso kills would be a nice touch, they're ultimately unneeded. I'm sure the developers have thought about this, but I figured that a suggestion in the appropriate forum couldn't hurt . Here's hoping GB comes into a plethora of success, as this is the one game i'm really looking forward to seeing more of. UPDATE:Use of blood. I think blood should only be used on fatal hits. This would serve as an indicator of whether or not your hit was a kill. For all other hits, i've always thought a dust effect was more realistic. From various gifs and videos I have viewed, blood does not shoot out like a geyser upon a bullet impact, it's almost always dust or clothing being shredded that is seen.