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  1. Animations feedback

    What if the chamber check animation played when you attempted to fire without any rounds left? If the only time you're checking is when your weapon stops firing unexpectedly then that should be fine, right?
  2. Recoil management?

    I've tried the new recoil system in 0.9.4, and it has automatic recoil compensation. If I set my rifle to automatic and continuously fire an entire 30 round magazine at a wall and attempt to control the recoil manually with my mouse, when the mag is empty and firing stops, my aim then resets itself far below the point I was aiming at when I began firing. Is this the intended behavior for the game? I didn't play Infiltration but it sounds like the opposite of what is being described in the OP. I think this is incredibly annoying and punishing to players that make an attempt to control recoil on their own.
  3. FOV settings - opening a can of worms?

    Low FoV is a huge issue for me in games. I appreciate the time you put into making this customizable.