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  1. Store is open... sort of

    The OE said it includes private forum access and a forum badge, are those coming later or am I missing something?
  2. Store is open... sort of

    Just purchased the Operator's Edition. I won't be able to download anything until tonight though.
  3. Fantastic Four (2015 reboot)

    Fantastic Four didn't really need a reboot, but I suppose with Chris Evans moving on to be Captain America they had to do something.
  4. Things are moving along

    Thanks for the responses gentlemen, I'm not worried about it for the Tech Preview, but it's good to know it'll be in the EA.
  5. Things are moving along

    I'm eagerly awaiting the Operator Edition. I know KB/M is better, but I suck with them, will Ground Branch have controller support?
  6. Things are moving along

    I'm really sorry I missed the Kickstarter for Ground Branch, but I'm glad I'll finally be able to donate and become a part of the development.
  7. Question about Groundbranch

    Will this be available to the public, or just select individuals?