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  1. If it supports VR I will check it out.
  2. Did you play the one life mode that's all I would play? Did you play the modes listed or just TDM. I will have to try it but I like the clunky controls on older games less RnG.
  3. Full Co op campaign makes it a day one buy.
  5. I never noticed that there is a competition play list in IW with 4v4 modes. The Maps are so small 4v4 feels better IMO.
  6. Both are fun. Titan fall skilled players are far and few between. Cod noobs seem to be hard to find these day. I have to really work to do good in it.
  8. Outlast 2 Demo out today.
  9. Socome fan project.
  10. Horrible worse then current COD. I talked to them in person. When they showed me the new art I walked away....
  11. Great so far. Some intense moments. Vision mode is OP I might need to play without it.
  12. Better then making a new topic for a line that will get 1 or 2 responses.
  13. Nioh has a new Co op mode you share 4 lives no bonfires.
  14. Waiting to see if it gets PSVR support.
  15. This is out already did you play it?