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  1. Ambidextrous weapon manipulation?

    Thanks guys, and I'm glad to hear that its confirmed. Can't wait for this!
  2. Wasn't sure where to post suggestions, but I was wondering if BFS would consider implementing the technique of using weapons Ambidextrously, meaning switching your hands and shoulders for moving around left corners. I've trained with simulation firearms in environments similar to MOUT courses and learned from a professionals DVD on how to manipulate Short Barreled Rifles ambidextrously for better close quarter effectiveness, and it definitely made me an all-around better shooter. Also, from what I understand from speaking to actual professionals, special forces units do learn this. It is a pretty popular technique in the AR-15 community, judging from all the different ambi slings, lower receivers, charging handles, rails and stocks being sold on the market today by various accessory manufacturers like Magpul a few others. It's just something I would like to see implemented to feel closer to my reality. Let me know your opinions, Thanks.