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  1. Image Teaser Discussion Thread

    I knew those looked familiar!
  2. Image Teaser Discussion Thread

  3. Which series do we like to watch?

    For the most part I stopped watching television about 4-5 years ago, but even before that I was not much of a TV watcher. But living in a new city for the last couple of years, I do watch one channle from time to time covering a very diverse, mind stimulating, sunject range. Lots of history and what not. Plus no commercials!
  4. Forum Rules

    I am alwayss willing to help out someone in the sig department, so feel free to ask, that goes for anyone else too. But there definatly is something to be appreciated in makng your own sig, that is where I first experimented in photoshop. Someone had made me one and it was great, I used it for a while, but ended up making my own (less pretty sig) before too long.
  5. Flight Simulator X

    I knew it was just a matter of time before WK showed up
  6. Introduce yourself

    Well heck! Hiya Whisky!
  7. Introduce yourself

    If I get some free time I'll see what I can do. Feel free to use this if you like, nothing too fancy. Unfortunatly I designed it to the wrong size, so I had to crop/adjust it to make it meet the forum guild lines. Heres the original, and then the adjusted, IF you choose to use it, make sure you use the second one on these forums. Oh, and my apologies, I just realized I spelt your name worng
  8. Forum Rules

    Thanks for the reminder WK, I just made a sig for someone too, wrong size
  9. Introduce yourself

    If I get some free time I'll see what I can do.
  10. Introduce yourself

    You need a more styling sig hacksaw! With a name like that theres tons of potential!
  11. System Specs [formerly: Building a New PC]

    LOL, it's the first one. Though I'll make you a deal, you release your game and I'll pre-order it! I upgraded my computer when RvS came out. I had a pretty decent machine, but I passed it on to a family member about 2 years ago now, this thing runs GR so Im all set.
  12. [Beta] Testing the game

    LOL, I think you guys are jumping the gun a little, though I do feel your excitment.
  13. System Specs [formerly: Building a New PC]

    I could upgrade right now if I wanted too, I have had better computers, but as far as my gaming needs, I just dont need anything better yet. I just got a game called half life that Im playing for the first time, with its expansion packs, and while it isn't what I would normally play, Im having a good time with it.
  14. Introduce yourself

    Hey all, Ive been around since the Rainbow six days, and been playing MP really hard since RS. Rainbow isx is really the game that got me into PC gaming. I've been gaming with a clan called *CDN* since the early RS days, one of longest lasting clans out there, we were number 1 on the old rumble gaming ladder, and then again so on the combat zone. hi
  15. pretty please

    John is fully aware of this community and the dissatisfaction many feel, it has created, as John said, a hole in the market, and that is entirely what Black Foot intends to fill. No beast has been awakeened. Lets keep all those complaints and frustration where it belongs, and just enjoy what blackfoot is doing here.