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  1. Ghost Recon: Wild Lands

    To my big dismay, no. The build was running on a PC, but it was not possible to play with a mouse and keyboard yet since it was so early in development. I fumbled a lot with the controls and had to keep looking down I wrote a hands-on preview based on ~ 1 hour of game time in Paris. This is what my NDA permits me to say in my preview. It's not easy judging a pre-alpha game based on 1 hour of gameplay and me fumbling with the controller. We did give constructive feedback, both negative and positive but bear in mind the game is pre-alpha and not everything is finalized. I fully understand where you guys are coming from, and I'd also be on the fence until more info surfaces and proper gameplay is showcased if I had not seen nor played the game. Like Siege, I'm sure the devs will listen to the constructive feedback from the community.
  2. Ghost Recon: Wild Lands

    Hi, I'm in the mentioned video and of course Ubisoft has edited the clips to show what they want. They asked the questions and we answered while being filmed. We gave the devs both positive and negative feedback based on what we saw and played. So don't think we were just nodding our heads to everything. I've been to two workshops so far, one in Ubisoft Paris for GR:W and in Ubisoft Montreal for Rainbow Six Siege. The devs appreciate constructive feedback, even if it's positive or not. It helps them understand why you dislike it and gives them a challenge to fix it. I reckon the devs here appreciate constructive feedback from everyone here too. Sometimes the devs agree with you on something, but higher ups have another opinion on the subject. It's not easy being old school with all these crutches in games these "modern" days, but you have to pick and choose your battles on what you possibly can influence at the given time. We were lucky to get in at an early stage of development to give crucial feedback on several aspects of the game. And it's great turn around from Ubisoft on how they have previously operated and interacted with the community.
  3. I'll just leave these here: Rogue Spear with iron sigh mod:
  4. Ghost Recon: Wild Lands

    Hey, Like mentioned earlier, Rocky and I got invited to Ubisoft Paris along with other community members to check out the game before the e3 announcement. Ubisoft is changing its community strategy and involving us even more. Let's hope this is just the first step of many. If you check out the trailer closely, you'll even find Rocky's name in the e3 trailer Hope it's OK if I link to our content on GR:W: e3 developer interview Pre-alpha hands-on preview I was honestly just expecting a GR:FS 2 with the same old non-linear maps, but what I saw surprised me. That they ditched the whole FS concept (?) and went back to near future is a statement itself. Most fans and devs I talked to at e3 are pleasantly surprised and intrigued by Wildlands, it's still pre-alpha and hopefully it will continue to improve.
  5. No one will sue you. They will most likely remove your post. Worst case ban your account.
  6. Mplayer is back?

    Mplayer sure brings back a lot of R6 memories... Apply to be a beta tester:
  7. My Rainbow Six 3 Projects

    Very cool! You can try at and our RvS section in our forums
  8. Problem with Rainbow Six

    We have some resources on Rogue Spear modding at here.
  9. Interesting Look At Counterstrike and Rainbow Six

    There's something wrong at google's end, not with WK's link. Alternative source:
  10. Having problems with download

    Hey, I assume you bought the operator edition, this does not include the game, only the PDF. To download the tech preview, you have to "purchase" it and it will download. Direct link:
  11. Store is open... sort of

    Great download speed, had average 10-14 mb/s Ground Branch Operator Edition is purchased!
  12. Embedding Images & Videos

    Youtube: Remove the "s" at the end of "http" and just paste the youtube link. Image: [img=url here]
  13. Things are moving along
  14. Rainbow Six: Siege (PC/XB1/PS4)

    The leaked footage was from a French Gaming website that published their recordings a bit too early. Last week Ubisoft held preview events in Montreal and Paris for press and YouTubers. Expect more video content on Monday from press and Youtubers.
  15. Rainbow Six: Siege (PC/XB1/PS4)

    @Jeza, great that you enjoyed my interview on, but next time please link to the site instead of ripping out the whole interview or content. I've also interviewed the Creative Director of Raven Shield, so keep an eye out on Thanks in advance.