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  1. Tom Clancy's The Division

    Oh damn, you should have let me know, I would have gotten you a key or two if needed
  2. Ground Branch Screenshots

    I would say it's just a matter of applying a detail normal map to the shader and it should look fine. i've been playing Rainbow six : siege lately....... I just want ground Branch really.
  3. Ground Branch Screenshots

    Some of the screenshots in here are really ACE.
  4. we will just leave this right here.....

    This looks so sexy. Awseome job guys
  5. Progress update

    More good news. Haha I just realised that I use the same checker map to unerap my models XD Keep it up guys. I wish i could give more feedback on my side but with E3 and all, I barely have time for my self :S
  6. Ground Branch AI collaboration

    What an awsome News. Thanks a bunch and welcome aboard Phil. This keeps getting better and better.
  7. I had no idea about A to be honest, but B I wasn't thinking about going into the smoke. Just staying outside of it and picking my target from outside.
  8. Thermal vision google ( because smoking a room and using thermal vision is so much fun against those who did not pick it ) A way to look under / around doors / corner while giving the possibility for everybody on the team to sync up with the camera in order to see what the point men is seeing. Hell I would even go as far as to give the possibility to the player of leaving the camera under the door so people would be able to breach up while having the camera feeding info of what is happening on the other side as they go in, that way they would keep track of their target as they go in. that's all what I can think off right now.
  9. How to order Operator Edition?

    It seems to have worked properly on my side. Received the mail with the PDF and all.
  10. BatFleck directed by 300-Snyder

    I'm not a huge fan of super hero movies either, I can't stand transformers, or avangers. The only super heroes movies I liked where the batman from nolan and watchmen. Now honestly, judging by the trailer, this one doesn't seem bad at all to me.
  11. Patches and Tech Preview update

    It's almost there
  12. It's coming... I can see it!

    Ahah Awsome picture.
  13. Ground Branch Videos

    I agree with the sound also. Very realistic. I'm gonna go ballistic when the early access kicks out. Everybody in the studio will know about it. I'll make sure of that.
  14. Ground Branch Screenshots

    I'm getting addicted to those pictures. Please keep them coming
  15. Rainbow Six: Siege (PC/XB1/PS4)

    Honnestly, I stopped playing when I was 1 meter away from an enemy and shot him with a shotgun 4 time in a row " and he did not die"..... I died though. ( and I swear I'm not making that up ) I agree with everything that Detcord Said. I knew it though. Just by looking at the leaked alpha footage, I knew it would be like that, John and Kris, the cards are still in your hands. Make it happen with GB