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  1. Mplayer is back?

    I played on mplayer back in the day.... then i switched to the msn gaming zone and loved the format there way better. Maybe we will have a zone reboot too! Terrorist Storm Room 1 Baby!
  2. Project Reality 1 standalone

    Their website is melted.... cant access anything lol
  3. Squad

    My take on their approach is... Why segregate the casual person who wants to throw money your way? Isn't more money better to help make the actual game? Who cares if they leave and dont come back to play... they have already paid you,,, Its seems like the wrong way to do it to me.
  4. Squad

    I HATE respawns and medics in game...... that said... Squad actually looks like fun.. might have to try this.
  5. The way i look at it is this... The more tactical games we get ... the better. I wont be personally playing this one but I will not down it for what its doing. I will encourage this game and any other tactical game out there; until I personally find the right fit for me. I think the description on the steam store page is a bit far fetched though.
  6. Yeah you reminded me now.. his name was Vertigo wasn't it.
  7. There are have and will always be cheaters in games.. Having experience with punkbuster and running our own dedicated servers in Ravenshield, its ALOT of work. WK you say it wasn't prevalent in RS? Did you ever ladder? I remember an anti cheat developed by clanladder was used....The creator actually sold cheating clans a working bypass.. Forget his name??... Tormentium maybe? We also caught quite a few with pb in ravenshield .. using logs and screenshots and recordings... (time consuming) There was also a master ban list passed amongst "cheat free" teams called Respected admins. The way to deal with cheaters was mentioned.... pb .. valve ac and bans. IP and CDkey bans work best... makes them work a bit to get back into the game. Any anti cheat that is implemented also means a lot of time and work for a server admin. Simple truth and it sucks.
  8. Vacation Red Band Trailer (NSFW language)

    its not a reboot.. its the son "Rusty" who is taking his family to wally world now... looks like a few laughs.
  9. Voip free

    I know its not about a game.. Just for anyone looking for free voip Make a profile. Then create a group (server) Quality is good.
  10. Name one thing (not people) you hate.

    i hate cancer.
  11. Welcome to Afghanistan

    that mountain fortress would make a cool map
  12. Things are moving along

    I cant stop watching it.... its like a female Gollum.....
  13. Killhouse bug

    the night map doesnt have these falling spots. Just so you know

    I have a spot that crashes my game every time that I test it. Who and what do i send to you all?
  15. Killhouse bug

    around the back also on the right side. Go near the blue bucket and the branch and you will fall through the ground. Ground .. branch