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  1. Digital Distribution

    I feel this is kind of a sensitive subject, so I will make pro and con list for each thing. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RETAIL BOX - PRO: I am old fashioned and want my retail box and disc. Disc, can Install when ever and where ever I want. No DRM? it's an option. (no one likes DRM but it is necessary to some extent) Printed guide, hints, tips and so on. No need to download many GB (not Ground Branch, GigaBytes ) of data, installs fast. RETAIL BOX - CON: Very expansive to produce, not feasible on GB budget in my opinion. Disc can become defective after a long period of time, no way to install your game after that. Final product is more expensive to the end consumer. Probably need a deal with a major publisher to make it happen, (WE DON'T WANT THAT). No DRM, or poorly made DRM, against piracy and theft. Not reaching all the target audience, some people don't have retail stores around their home and Amazon / Ebay won't ship everywhere. Could leave many potential buyers behind. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- STEAM - PRO: Relatively cheap to distribute. (no need to print discs, manuals, box covers, shipping them etc). Reliable, well known and proven system with many gamers online at any given time. Can install the game on as many PCs and anywhere I like, as long as I have an internet connection. Steam workshops support. Ready made, reliable and somewhat acceptable DRM against piracy and theft. Available everywhere (well almost) you have internet connection, potentially reaching all who want to buy the game. Built in patching and updating system, saves valuable time and effort for both devs and consumers. STEAM - CON: Need an Internet connection to install / activate / update the game. If for any reason on the future Steam will close, (and Valve won't unlock the games like they promised), there will be no more assess to the game. Of course Steam can have numerous other glitches and bugs, but personally, I think they are minor, and IMO Valve support is decent. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- OTHER - PRO: The ideal thing in my eyes would be some sort of a hybrid, digital distribution (to make it cost effective) BUT make the downloadable some sort of executable. That way, I can store it where ever I see fit, I can back it up where ever I want and keep it for ever. OTHER - CON: This method however can prove to be also expansive to produce, as you still need to find some sort of DRM to protect against piracy and theft. make (or find) a new server system that will support the download process. Also it would probably make some gamers avoid the game all together, since a not known system is at hand. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MY OPINION - CONCLUSION: As much as I would love to have a retail box, personally I think it's not feasible for this project (at least not at the moment) It is far too expensive dealing with box covers, disc prints, Manuals (optional I know) shipping, publishers etc. Steam has it's downsides, I know, but I think it's the best way to go for a small indie dev house like BFS. Other? well, I think why lose time and effort finding a new system when Steam is just there. So I choose - STEAM
  2. Another Kickstarter?

    Hey guys, Personally, I don't think any console market is really needed to make this game a success, only better PR. I NEVER heard of this game before until yesterday, and I am a hardcore tactical shooter PC gamer fan. If I never heard about it, I am sure there are plenty more who didn't. Also, the pitch was not good enough (IMO) to convince people who are still not sure about tactical shooters to begin with, so that is another market that was "lost". Porting this game to consoles should be a last priority, after the game has shipped and proven to be a success with his own target audience. My two cents only.
  3. Dear BFS hello

    Hey John, Thank you for your quick reply, I am happy to hear that! Will keep my eyes open for it. Please take into consideration promoting your game with prominent You Tubers (some of them are dying them self's for a game like this and you get FREE PR) And by the way, If I was not clear enough before, I totally LOVE what you have up until now! Good luck to us all!
  4. Wow, where to start, OK, I just heard about Ground Branch yesterday for the first time, I was very sad for you guys (and all of us) knowing the kickstarter campaign failed, If I only knew in time I would have kickstart it also and do all I can to let know other people about the game. (which I will do from now on) I am a long time PC gamer almost 30 years now and going strong, and I have been waiting for a game like this since swat 4 and raven shield. ArmA is nice and I like it allot, but it's not really good for CQB, Takedown looks OK, but to be honest, apart from iron sights, I don't see what are the added features compare to R6-RS. Which leaves you guys. Building the game around the community is a smart move in my opinion, though granted it is probably very hard. I think (and please forgive me for being a bit harsh here) that your failure in the kickstarter campaign is mainly due to ineffective PR. Look at me for example, I am a hardcore tactical shooter fan waiting for a game like this for years, yet only heard about it yesterday , and believe me I always on the hunt for a new game I will like, so I think it says something. I think allot of new and young (in comparison to us the older ones) gamers don't even know what a real tactical shooter is and think COD and BF are realistic, I am sure many of them, would love a more realistic game but they just don't know what it is. Well, the only reason I write this is to let you guys know, that with time I am sure the community will grow, more people will hear about it and we will hopefully have what we all want. I would suggest using a more viral marketing approach, since I know you can't afford to pay for expansive advertising. Use You Tubers with many subscribers, I am sure many of them will be happy to promote your game, some I have in mind are: Jack Frags - 400,000 subscribers Dslyecxi - 78,000 subscribers Frankie on PC - 930,000 subscribers Jester814 - 40,000 subscribers Total-Biscuit - 1,200,000 subscribers Also (and please forgive me again) I think John Sonedecker, was not fluid enough in the kickstarter video. To his defense I will say that I love his humbleness, humility and honesty which is more important in my eyes, and I can not say that about most developers out there that turned into businessman and politicians (like Patrick Bach for example). But still, I cant help it, the pitch video was not good enough in my opinion, It was too obvious he is reading from a card, and it was not \so good to say the least, I firmly believe a better video would have helped allot. Also I think your build was too early to showcase, maybe you should have waited a bit, at least until you have some basic gameplay to show, and I mean something VERY basic, but I think most people (excluding people like us) don't understand what it is from what is shown, they need to see the impact of your actions to realize it, shooting at dummies is a bit stale. I don't want to make you guys feel like you did a bad job, you guys are game developers not marketing people (like John said himself) but I think you can still keep a kickstarter campaign on the side, with time and better PR, it will sure be a success. Bottom line, please keep it going, and last but not least, WHERE DO I BACK THIS GAME? TAKE MY MONEY! Greeting and best of luck, Assaf from Israel.