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  1. Ah yes, going into editing mode worked. Thanks Snowfella. And thanks also, Jsonedecker. I'm glad the other pose isn't gone. Can you specify if the 2 variants have any sort of benefits/handicaps, or is it purely aesthetic. IMO, i'd think the Lowready posture would give faster movement, compared movement while holding the gun upright. Is this how it is?
  2. I quite like how the gun is held in some of the earlier GB videos, with the gun essentially pointed down until you use the sights, however now it seems to have reverted to the typical fps style of the gun always pointing forward. Is this an actual change, or are there optional ways to hold guns (with let's say.... an effect to mobility)? (how do I do a line break?)
  3. Another Kickstarter?

    Yeah it's actually odd. Despite my criticism, I keep going in and trying to enjoy it. Sometimes I do, and my team back me up (AI), then after quite a few encounters, they turn into door stops and one AI will kill us all.
  4. Another Kickstarter?

    I don't think your comments are worth you being flamed. there's just a big difference between liking it or disliking it, and not attacking the opposing viewers. As pointless as it may seem, i'm still very annoyed that real time shadows, shown in their trailers (which help with realism and immersion IMO), are not present in the final release, which leads me to believe that we were not given what was promised. For me personally, I would like to see the visuals match up to their teasers, and some squad commands. Otherwise i'm getting the same game from Call of Duty or any other brainless shooter (btw, I don't hate that sort of shooter, I just don't see them as tactical)
  5. Another Kickstarter?

    Even though I know i'm not a huge funding supporter, I'm definitely going to give your second kickstarter $100 Until the unbelievable mess that is Takedown: Red Sabre, was released, I wasn't even aware of your game in any capacity other than seeing someone say that it should've been your game that got funded. With you all the way. Scott