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  1. Track-IR 5

    My main man, Mike from TrackIR will hook you up
  2. Will this game be compatible with a controller?

    I think if GB is being released through Steam it should at least be designed with the Steam Controller in mind. Starting with controller navigatable menus because mouse driven menus makes no sense at all. In a productivity suite you can use a mouse because of dozens upon dozens of options to click on, but in a simplified game menu where you just go up/down left/right, controller works the best. The configurability of the Steam Controller is ideal including touch menus, action sets, and gyro assisted aiming. It's way better than mouse aiming. I've been playing around with making a GB profile lately. It takes some practice but feels pretty intuitive so far. My main gripe is lack of controller support.
  3. 1018 Testing Build Update - 1998226

    I'm pretty sure it was loading fine in the earlier GB versions. But since recently getting around to GB I notice this problem. Maybe Steam must have changed something..
  4. Track-IR 5

    Yep. I am not aware of a publically available plugin though other than the Natural Point SDK
  5. Track-IR 5

    Yeah, apparently some people got TrackIR working with FeePIE to emulate FreeTrack input in UE4. It kind of sucks I wish support was more widespread but oh well
  6. 1018 Testing Build Update - 1998226

    Not sure if it's a bug or just something specific to my system. But when I start GB it hangs on the BFS splash logo. I then ctrl+alt+del end task GB. Second time I start GB and it loads no problem.
  7. Track-IR 5

    Also eagerly awaiting TrackIR support. Tab to freelook just isn't the same when playing with Steam controller.
  8. Animations feedback

    Re: leaning It is so hard to tell when I am in the leaning position or not because the camera always stays level. If the camera rolled just slightly it would be so much easier to tell I think, but maybe it's just me.
  9. AI progress and ADSR envelopes

    I thought the whole purpose of camo is so you don't get hit as easily. It's hard to lock on a target when it is camouflaged right. You can still detect a camo'ed target, you just can't aim at it as good. So if anything it should affect AIs ability to aim. Ghillie suit is a whole different matter though.
  10. Holiday build available!

    Ok, after clean install it seems to work now. I have the option to keybind primary, secondary, etc. Before there was no such thing. I can now finally make Steam controller profile
  11. Holiday build available!

    Still nothing. Maybe after clean install will work?
  12. Holiday build available!

    Radial menu doesn't work? Nothing happens when press 1, 2, or 3 either. Maybe it's just me.
  13. Exporting maps from Unreal Editor into GB?

    Cool, look very much forward to it. The strength of the community lies in getting out supplementary content.
  14. Exporting maps from Unreal Editor into GB?

    OK, I used GTKradiant before to make a map work in True Combat Elite. Can I do the same right now with GB using Unreal Editor? I am pretty new right now to the Editor. Hopefully one day I could also make a map work in GB.
  15. Is jumping really necessary?

    Hi, long time no see. So I tried out the pre-alpha on Steam and got to thinking about how often do operators really jump up in the air. Even in combat. I'm not an expert or anything but it doesn't seem very realistic to me. I ended up unmapping the script and mapped the spacebar for opening doors instead. Other than that it seems ok for a pre-alpha I guess. The menu background sound though, with the thunder is just driving me nuts. Anyway to disable that? Thanks and keep up the good work.