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  1. Backed
  2. Looks like the tactical shooter is coming back with force
  3. Super Mario Sunshine?
  4. I do not have high hopes for this game :\
  5. So when can we expect mod tools to be made available for ground branch?
  6. Sounds good - Expect my pre-purchase very soon This was the only thing holding me back
  7. So question - Is there going to be Customized Mod SDK for Ground Branch similar to the ARK Mod SDK? Opposed to Downloading the Standard UE4 editor. Just curious, HeadClot
  8. I am going to have to go with this
  9. What is going on with Modabillity? Just curious...
  10. Yeah the licensing has problems there is no doubt about that. Really wish that they would fix that
  11. Hey everyone, Normally i do not get excited about other game engines besides Unreal 4 But I recently stumbled upon this open letter from Crytek. It is worth the read if you use CryEngine or Have been eyeballing it. Link to the Cryengine Blog
  12. I can respect this. In an age of broken on release AAA Releases. CD Projeckt Red is taking time to make their game shine.
  13. Well I submitted this thread on their subreddit. That is the only thing that will make me want to buy R6: Seige.
  14. Talk about a thrill seeker
  15. Should I even listen? EDIT: Just listened to the first video. Sounds like the guy presenting the video is describing a mix of DOOM and Earth Defense force. Also Captain K really?! Doesn't he mean captain James T. Kirk of the USS enterprise?