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  1. Infinity: Battlescape

  2. News on the Clancy front

    Looks like the tactical shooter is coming back with force
  3. Mario is Unreal!?!?

    Super Mario Sunshine?
  4. Rainbow Six: Siege (PC/XB1/PS4)

    I do not have high hopes for this game :\
  5. Mod tools and UE4

    So when can we expect mod tools to be made available for ground branch?
  6. Will there be a Customized Mod SDK?

    Sounds good - Expect my pre-purchase very soon This was the only thing holding me back
  7. So question - Is there going to be Customized Mod SDK for Ground Branch similar to the ARK Mod SDK? Opposed to Downloading the Standard UE4 editor. Just curious, HeadClot
  8. Grand Theft Auto V

    I am going to have to go with this
  9. Grand Theft Auto V

    What is going on with Modabillity? Just curious...
  10. The Cryengine Thread - A New Hope Edition

    Yeah the licensing has problems there is no doubt about that. Really wish that they would fix that
  11. Hey everyone, Normally i do not get excited about other game engines besides Unreal 4 But I recently stumbled upon this open letter from Crytek. It is worth the read if you use CryEngine or Have been eyeballing it. Link to the Cryengine Blog
  12. The Witcher 3

    I can respect this. In an age of broken on release AAA Releases. CD Projeckt Red is taking time to make their game shine.
  13. Well I submitted this thread on their subreddit. That is the only thing that will make me want to buy R6: Seige.
  14. New Freefall Record, By A Google Exec. O_O

    Talk about a thrill seeker
  15. Another Beautiful Day in the Core

    Should I even listen? EDIT: Just listened to the first video. Sounds like the guy presenting the video is describing a mix of DOOM and Earth Defense force. Also Captain K really?! Doesn't he mean captain James T. Kirk of the USS enterprise?