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  1. Hatred: Mass-murder Simulator

    i could respect that
  2. 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi

    from what I've heard, the people that went to rescue the people in the Benghazi embassy were 2 CIA agents and 5 delta force operators
  3. Hatred: Mass-murder Simulator

    <p>Not trying to troll, just saying it's a design difference. It easily could be switched on. I like GTA so I'm not trying to knock it but u could do the Same thing in both games. The difference is that GTA doesn't force u to (most do anyway) and hatred forces you to. Both don't make u restart the game if u kill a bunch of civies like in halo reach for example. It doesn't matter if it's a choice or not you're still shooting civies in the face. For example does it matter if you shoot an old lady in GTA as you do in hatred. The old lady is still dead and u feel the same way as in both games. And yes u can do It in arma as well. And the same with GTA it doesn't focus on it but u still can with no real punishment like u get in games where killing civvies is heavily prohibited. In short if you hate on hatred (understandable) u should hate on GTA and to a degree arma sence someone brought it up. On a side note I still have no idea on their target audience, I'll buy it just for the sake of seeing what's the fuss about. And u should at least look at reviews when the game comes out instead of full on judging it, at the end of the day it's just pixels 0s & 1s with gizmos and whatnots that's a game. It's not a mass murderering sim. If it is to i then don't play any game just sit in a bubble in your mom's house cus u can't handle fiction. As also said previously I do not support mass killings
  4. Hatred: Mass-murder Simulator

    This game is pretty much GTA 5 with average graphics and focusing on killing people. U can literally do the same thing in gta5. So if u hate this game u must hate gta5. I originally wasn't going 2 by it but now I might
  5. Like the original socom games it's a hybrid 1st and third person shooter. The third person in socom 1&2 was like oh ghost recon. Which at the time I didn't mind. But now I hope they put in a first person gun model. And custom lobbies/servers for people that didn't want 3 rd person they can cut it of. But hopefully they can get it to alpha next year. I'll definitely support the reason why I ever heard or cared for Sony consoles ( then killzone 2 came ant I had another reason until brokencom 4.)
  6. Female Playable characters in Ground Branch

    There's women in CIA SAD. Watch secret of: CIA black ops. There's a women there talking about doing close protection duties
  7. What's wrong with gaming "journalism" these days (NSFW!)

    In my old neighborhood in Santa Monica, we had a name for those people who f$%& their way to the top. I'll give you a hint: They take your money & sleep with you for money.
  8. Somethings coming and here is a preview

    Can't wait. Looks dope from the pic on the sight so hav fun with the build
  9. The Armory

    Yes that's true but the m14 in game wasn't classified as a dmr so i thought it would be in the same category
  10. The Armory

    be dope if u added the dagonov svd (used by a lot of insurgent snipers), the pkm machine gun(used by lots of insurgents. i u don't believe me look it up wont take long), & a glock 19 because i live my glocks insurgents w/ pkm & other weapons Iraqi insurgent sniper drug dealers & cartels use the Deagle, due to the nostalgia & it would be funny to see someone to assault a boat with their team & he/she goes pistol only with a Deagle. & yes I would love GB to add a sidearm that takes the 40 S&W/10mm auto
  11. Takedown: Red Sabre

    td needs more peek & lean movment .
  12. LaRue vs Bravo Company M16

    if you want more of a long range ar. rec. larue but if not go bcm . own one & hasn't let me down since.
  13. I lost a body part and other news.

    get well soon.
  14. Hate mail

    you're way more than a modren game dev. most of the devs in the world r stuck in a ded en job & don't care for the products outcome. youre nt a standard game dev because u give a dam. keep up the good work. that would ###### of a bunch of people royaly. [people thjat play on console hate the lack of content, but deal with it. if can make it on both systems c, close the quality gap as much as possible
  15. blue vs blur or red vs blue

    that's what i was talking about