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  1. DCS: F/A-18C Hornet

    Haven't got into DCS yet, what is your general setup for DCS? Do you guys use joysticks? Do you need the Thrustmaster HOTAS to play DCS..?
  2. Firewall: Zero Hour (PS4 exclusive)

    Would've been nice to seen some more gameplay, kind of looks like Onward. Shame It's a PS4 exclusive though, but I don't own any VR accessories anyway, so I guess I'm fine either way.
  3. Game Video Thread

    Gonna have to dislike, I did not see any chicken nor nuggets.
  4. This is the HARSH Reality of the Xbox One X

    It's an unfortunate reality, yes. But what can we do? You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink it. To each their own I suppose.
  5. This is the HARSH Reality of the Xbox One X

    What's wrong with troubleshooting @dcopymope, sure it requires a bit of brain power, but it can be done.
  6. Dead Dozen

  7. Little Devil Inside

    Not sure, they had a kickstarter page a bit back, so it's possible someone may have posted this before (I didn't check).
  8. Watch Jeff Kaplan...

  9. Insurgency Sandstorm

    Well if you can edit it then I guess I'll purchase it. Can you edit the HUD via in game options, or do you have to download a mod? Edit: Yeah Idk, the fact that you say it's more arcadish @DetCord just makes me loose my interest in the game. Other steam reviews seem to also regurgitate the same thing. I already have Red Orchestra 2 anyhow, If i get bored of Insurgency I guess I could always fire that up and play it.
  10. Squad

    Is this the build with the new animations?
  11. Insurgency Sandstorm

    Bleh, now you've made me conflicted... :S
  12. Star Citizen

    Yes, and Gary Oldman as well. I cannot wait for SQ42.
  13. This is the HARSH Reality of the Xbox One X

    I believe an analogy that is akin to that is of the boiling frog https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boiling_frog You put the frog in the water, with it already boiling; he/she will jump out immediately. Whereas, if you put the frog in the water, and slowly heat up the heat; he/she will not jump out.
  14. Day of Infamy

    So has anyone else played this game? What are the thoughts of it? It's on sale for $5. http://store.steampowered.com/app/447820/Day_of_Infamy/