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  1. The beta is out? Can you show us some footage... or are you under NDA? :S
  2. That sounds like a very prominent solution.
  3. I wish this game had Co-op, would've been even more enjoyable.
  4. Is that the Batcave?
  5. That's good to know, thanks for the research!
  6. Looks like it might be a tactical ww2 fps, something like squad I'd imagine.
  7. Isn't it considered essential to have 16gb of ram now, along with a graphics card with 6gb? What do i know, i'm stuck with this laptop...
  8. https://www.hellletloose.com/
  9. Im waiting to see what RX Vega has to offer.
  10. What's wrong with a female protagonist?
  11. I was pretty upset Sony announced Spiderman PS4 is going to be an exclusive to the PS4; as oppose to a timed exclusive. But this cheered me up:
  12. Actually prices for GPUs have gone up due to Ethereum mining. I'd wait a bit before getting a GPU, paying 600 dollars for a mid range GPU is not worth it.
  13. I love this guy's channel.
  14. Actually my mouse is a bit small for me, but the mousepad i'm using has wrist protection; so it counteracts the effect. So that's always something to keep in mind.