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  1. Ground Branch Videos

  2. Ladder use in newest build

    Brought up the ladder thing (W to climb, S to descend) once on Discord and had two Germans and an Australian react like I was a flat Earth theorist. But you and I, ramjet, we both know that they're the only flat-Earthers in this scenario. As far as animations go--they're currently working on implementing new character models and some animation work, e.g. setting up skeletons and what not. Team is lacking an animator, though, so hard to say whether new animations will be underway in the near future.
  3. Shuffle/sneak

    Left Alt as modifier?
  4. Want to help with some research?

    Dear Professor Carlisle, I am afraid I will be unable to participate unless a .dmg is provided. Yours sincerely, Scopey
  5. Radial menu question

    Possible solution: Press [ 1 ]: Equip Primary Press [ 2 ]: Equip Sidearm Hold [ 1 ]: Display Radial Menu for Primary/Secondary/Underslung/Pick-Ups
  6. 6 Days

  7. The Armory

  8. Ghost Recon: Wild Lands

    Someone give the man an answer!
  9. Ground Branch Videos

    Sorry I ruined your captures with my very leaky headset and terribly setup mic.
  10. Devtac design helmet

  11. Devtac design helmet

  12. Getting access to the team room

    Welcome aboard and thanks for the support, LongCow. We'll have an MP session this Saturday--see if you can make it:
  13. Ground Branch Videos

    Good stuff, AV. What's your FOV setting there? Do get on Discord for this weekend's session, should be a big one.
  14. Ground Branch Screenshots

    M4 model was replaced entirely, courtesy of Zee. STANAGs went in a while ago. You can pick between them and the PMAGs for the ARs.