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  1. Grenades

    This is how I envision it as well. Not sure how I feel about this. It might come down to how many different types of grenades, explosives and "gadgets" are eventually available. A lot of options for either can easily justify separate keys, and I'm willing to bet most players would prefer grenades to have their own key regardless. How else do you suggest managing up to 6 (possibly more) types of weapon attachments that you can simultaneously have on your primary, e.g. optics, laser modules, lights, bipods and so on that will have toggleable/adjustable states down the road? I'd rather it didn't equip anything immediately as default. You're simply empty-handed until you manually equip something. Sounds NORG to me.
  2. My critique of the player controls

    Again, personal preference. One key for stance isn't objectively better than two and the same goes for other functions. Does it make perfect sense for a retention reload to be a "hold" and a discarding reload to be a "tap"? Sure, most would agree that it does, but the same rationale doesn't necessarily apply to other commands. There are pros and cons to nearly every control scheme. What it boils down to at the end is what the individual player feels comfortable with.
  3. My critique of the player controls

    I played a lot of BF4 and the default stance control scheme had the basic two keys for crouching and prone, not a single stance key. It did allow for a stance up/down scheme, which was nice. I can't recall a single key scheme, but I'll take your word for it. As far as I know, a single button for stance is only commonplace for controllers, which is naturally a consequence of its limited keys. So arguing for streamlining in this case isn't about modernization, is it? What makes perfect sense for a controller setup or for your personal tastes does not necessarily make sense for others. There's appeal to a single stance key, but some might find that accidentally standing up while they're trying to go crouch isn't worth saving a key for, and so on. At the end of the day, controls are a matter of personal preference. Some people won't start a game until they make bindings as familiar as possible, while others won't even bother touching with them. What GB does need to do is allow as much flexibility as possible (which it intends to) while providing a solid, intuitive default control scheme that doesn't feel totally weird for FPS players—which I don't personally think it does yet, but not because it isn't cramming as many functions as possible into as few keys as possible.
  4. Rainbow Six: Siege (PC/XB1/PS4)

    Clearly you're living in your own little world.
  5. The compass

    Yeah, the wrist device will probably have to display some other kind of info while idle (maybe several, e.g. time, team status), requiring a key press to "go into it" and access all the resources. I see it working kinda like the iDroid in MGSV, where you can access all the intel, objectives, map data and possibly manage your team from.
  6. New Main Menu User Interface

    The Ready Room is meant primarily as an online lobby. Whether some incarnation of it will make it to single player mission prep remains to be seen, but it won't (and can't) completely replace menus.
  7. GB news update

    No squint there. Head models are likely to be replaced/reworked and there's no animator, so with priorities in mind I don't see it having been done at this point. That said, I do think facial animations are planned.
  8. Squad

    Dang, this is looking great. Really digging the animations and effects.
  9. The side mounted iron sight looks weird

    Well, one needs a front sight to align a rear sight with. That's probably what's causing the issue, as Kris guessed.
  10. Little Devil Inside

    Love the visuals. I actually wanna play that, which is a very, very rare feeling nowadays. Was this (or something similar) posted before, though?
  11. Seasons Greetings

    ^ Hard fact
  12. Trailer Park

    Sweeeet, keep us posted!
  13. Antibes map (WIP)

    Looks like a satisfactory and possibly totally excellent result to me, fat.
  14. First thoughts and saying hello

    Welcome and thanks for the support, Dave. See ya on Discord.
  15. Call of Duty: WWII