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  1. What's On Your Desktop?

  2. VOIP in game or external program

    Exactly what I'm talking about!
  3. Introduce yourself

    I , Geoffry Castilho always liked very young shooters , I was always a fan and strategic in many shooting games , despite playing just games as " Counter Strike 1.5" ( fever among gamers around 2002 ) . However , with time I was bored and sick of the way " arcade " game, sick of their lying features , which completely opposed to reality . In mid-2003 I acquired my first PC . I played a lot games of the season , did not enjoy going over to Lan House , at that same time I had the opportunity to start playing on the internet and knew the game " Hidden And Dangerous " , which rode a Multiplayer from the same clan on 28/12/2003 . To found the clan, we think of many names , and when my private search for a good name , I found the expression "Head to Kill " ( Head to Kill ) , it would be a military jargon used to characterize overseas military strategists that would be good . That's when we started using the abbreviation Hk . Sounded through psycho but at the time was perfect. In 2003 I found the game " Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six " and " Tom Clancy 's Ghost Recon " was when we realized what really made ​​the profile of Hk were combat simulation games , no people jumping unloading a rifle and running and dancing face to face . In the game " Ghost Recon " the Hk gained new proportions and many co - operative missions were carried out , already practicing the best of simulation and team play . In 2005 , produced by DICE and published by EA Games , Battlefield 2 game came surpassing all expectations of the market and presenting an innovative proposal to stage the games of the season . Gradually the members of Hk were knowing Battlefield 2 , but the highlight was the launch of the mod " Project Reality " , where Hk then saw a new simulation platform , better than any seen before. In " Project Reality " , the Hk grew , his name gained weight , his contingent got bigger and that was when we adopted the tag - = Hk = - . In 2006, Bohemia Interactive has released the game " Armed Assault " . It was then that began a new era with this most amazing new platform , the simulation could be increased to levels never achieved before, however , the community of gamers in Brazil was not yet adapted to the size and level of simulation complexity , outside the very need for highly capable hardware to make it possible to run Armed Assault . Thus , the game ended up being for now , forgotten and Focus - = Hk = - remained in the " Project Reality " . However , in 2009 , when Bohemia Interactive released " Armed Assault 2 " , it was possible to see a more playable more used to this style of platform adapted better platform , and this time the Brazilian community of gamers who seek the simulation was already . That's when - = Hk = - found its true home in ArmA2 and found the perfect environment to practice what we like ... the MilSim . Today we have some 60 members of otimos profiles of military simulation and are awaiting anxious at Ground Branch ....
  4. Female Playable characters in Ground Branch

    Sorry, it was automatic to Portuguese because my browser!
  5. Female Playable characters in Ground Branch

    It is a great idea, in my community is already 2 women who love simulator ..... and difiicil is to find one that has a female face
  6. VOIP in game or external program

    My time simulation game that I always have to opt for a system by external voice system, because from what I see other games TRYING simulator also be put another MOD Voip. Exemplos: ArmA 3 + MOD Task Force Radio (Using Teamspeak 3 Plugin) Project Reality Mumble
  7. Something is brewing....

  8. Wrapping it all up

    Gentlemen, I am new to the forum and have a community of people who are very fond of military simulators, we are really in need of a new company with a new system and we are expecting much at Ground Branch