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  1. A plan rarely survives first contact!

    I thought the alpha was being released months back? Why is it taking so long to release?
  2. Tactical AND deliberate reload?

    Hey guys just resurrecting this thread as I've found a video that demonstrates exactly what I mean't in my OP
  3. Festung Europa

    Whatever. 7 years is ridiculously long to complete something, game or not. They are so slow that they havn't even got any gameplay previews, just images and concept art. We havn't had a tactical WW2 shooter since Resistance & Liberation which died 4 years ago. All our hopes now lay with Traction Wars.
  4. Festung Europa

    No news in 7 months, not even anything on June 6th 3 days ago! Vapourware. I was following this for the past 7 years. Huge unfortunate shame.
  5. No news for 7 months, not even 3 days ago (june 6th) considering it's a WW2 d-day game this does not bode well. ######ing massive shame.
  6. Tactical AND deliberate reload?

    "To save a second or so" you just answered your own question! A second during CQB is life or death and so during CQB there is a massive speed difference between a retentive reload and allowing the magazine to fall freely to the ground while grabbing a fresh one from your vest before it has even landed on the ground!
  7. Tactical AND deliberate reload?

    I can understand the confusion as there's no established nomenclature for these types of things. That being said I I honestly can't think how I could of explained my OP any clearer, I mean comon guys..... ...and does anyone remember this ability in the previous version of AA? Maybe not as I distinctly remember it was a developer easter-egg, and the key binding had to be manually set in the ini file! It was soo awesome and much quicker than the standard reload however the enemy could hear that piece of hollow sheet steel crashing to the ground from a mile away so it reduces stealth, and you don't get to use the remaining rounds in the magazine for later. All tactical shooters should have this... I was pretty ###### off that Insurgency never bothered with it. Infact insurgency is missing a crap load of features that I consider standard for a tactical shooter of it's calibre. The scourge of early access gives the dev's a 'license' to pretty much ground development progress to an almost halt while the low retail price simultaneously disallows the customers a leg to stand on when it comes to demanding further content/features. Early access is a scourge and I'm sick of great games being released that lack so many feautures that would absolutely make them pretty much 100% perfect. Release the ######ing game when it's 100% finished I say.
  8. Tactical AND deliberate reload?

    Guys, only MasterBlaster above has recognized what I actually mean't! Indeed, two types of reload. A quicker emergeny or "tactical" reload whereby the player allows the mag to fall to the ground... much quicker reload. The other reload whereby the player returns the magazine to his pouch before inserting a new magazine... a more deliberate and slower reload. Yes double tapping the reload key performs the quicker "tactical" reload while a single keystroke performs the default slower reload.
  9. New In-Game Video on Sound Design

    Yesh very nice reverb indeed. How did you link to a video at t certain point?
  10. Will GB feature the option to reload tactically, i.e let the magazine fall out the weapon on to the ground, and the option to reload normally where the magazine is stored back in the pouch, for use later? One is quicker, the other is slower, but saves ammo. Americas Army did this feature and it was ###### awesome, especially the sound the magzine made hitting the ground!
  11. New In-Game Video on Sound Design

    It's about time developers put this type of effort in to sound design. I've been waiting forever for this type of ###### and always pester games forums about sound design and good punchy gunshots/explosions and detailed reloading/equipping sounds