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  1. I learned about GB when SideStrafe did a video for it back when the kick starter was up, I backed the project and unfortunately as you all know it did not meet the goal. After a month or two I forgot all about GB. Recently, in the past month or so, I have been trying to make an idea of mine, that I have had for a VERY long time to become a reality, but I just do not have the resources/knowledge and skill to create a game from start to finish. I have University studies and a Job. After many, MANY failed attempts at modding other titles to see if my idea would work I gave up, and left it for someone else to maybe create. But last week GB popped back into my head, and my immediate thought was, "Will it have modding support" and thankfully it does! I cannot wait, to get my hands on GB and it's SDK, I believe GB is the PERFECT game for my idea to become reality. I cannot wait to share my idea with you guys. I don't want to give too much away but it's what my friends and I have wanted in a Tactical FPS for years and yet no one has delivered.