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  1. Is jumping really necessary?

    It really depends how carefully the maps are done to not require jumping. In no-jump games though, it seems very irritating when you've got a very low obstacle you can't hop over.
  2. Infiltration mod theme tune

    Oh wow. This takes me back. That themetune! Inf had really good music. Those were some great maps. The things people did with UT engine was very cool.
  3. Breaching questions for you guys..

    Agree, but it'd be nice if in that spectrum of things there was room for them to be shocked and they weren't just a crosshair and a timer. Off the top of my head, SWAT3 and 4 did attempt to model psychology a bit. I'm sure that game where you were a marine fireteam did too. Mostly it's games that are less focussed on CQB modelling supression and stuff.
  4. Breaching questions for you guys..

    Does anyone else think that If you're going to have entry methods relying on surprise and aggression, you sort of need the AI to play ball and be surprised? That was one thing I think SWAT3 did (you could intimidate the bad guys into surrendering) and a lot of these games didn't do.
  5. What's occuring?

    Cheers chaps. I'll have a look at the demo. How come the "Operator Edition" is sold out?
  6. Dishonored

    I enjoyed Dishonored. I was annoyed at getting the "I created Hitler" ending just for making an omelette though.
  7. I wasted many an hour playing Delta Force.
  8. What's occuring?

    Hey. It's been a while since I've been active here. Hello again to anyone who remembers me or came from Inf o/ I'm just wondering where the game is up to. I think I did have a alpha build on my Steam account, but it no longer appears. Do I need to purchase one of the versions in the store to see that again? How is the game coming on? I looked at the news feed thing and there's a video of people playing it with sight-less guns.
  9. Insurgency 2 Kickstarter

    This is my main (and only really - the Neotokyo revival was short lived) online FPS. It's not perfect but it really ain't bad either.
  10. Project CARS

    PCars has all or most of those settings also. Just DLing latest weekly and will have a look. edit Yup. Missing "auto-blip" and "auto-clutch" from the main options but I guess you'd have to have that for some wheel and pedal set-ups. Here's a cool vid. Obviously it's a promo piece but it does illustrate the dev cycle a bit: http://uk.ign.com/vi...e-gamescom-2014 Where he talks about the development cycle is totally accurate. They release a build, the players and consultants play it,it gets updated. Rinse, repeat. It's a good development model actually. I don't know what a F1 car drives like, but seeing fired-stig coming back with "The breakaway is too abrupt" or whatever it was and that then having changed for the next build has been very, very cool.
  11. Project CARS

    Xbox pad. It's not ideal, but meh. edit Both are supposed to be sims. They do have realism settings and simplified physics models and suchlike but conversely both are putting a lot of effort into modelling tyre (sorry - "tire" on your side of the atlantic ) physics and such. They do cater to the likes of me on a pad mind you.
  12. Project CARS

    Testing this. It's good. It looks like it's videos. No bullshots here. If you have a suitably beefy PC, that is how good it looks. The physics have come a long way since the very Shift 2 stuff in the early days. Impressive collection of physics consultants too. Also got early access to Asseto Corsa. Also good. Does some stuff differently. I like the rumble-pack steering wheel feedback for example. Very convincing effect for a gamepad (wife would skin me if I got a wheel). Would actually recommend both. Pick up both for less than a tank of petrol
  13. My 2 cents (rambling)

    I'm not sure the message was got out there tbh. I almost think you need to show the regen health stuff / cross hairs / holywood stuff side by side with GB to explain what it isn't.
  14. Spec Ops - Yea or Nay

    Oh I see what you mean. They couldn't have a "Good" ending though. It would have defeated the purpose.
  15. Spec Ops - Yea or Nay

    I was impressed with this. I heard it had a clever ending but I wasn't expecting it to stray into Bioshock territory like that. It's a fairly clever deconstruction of most modern military shooters. Just as a shooter, yeah, the mechanics aren't so good but then I think that's part of the point they are making. As a total package I thought this was brave and clever and far too good to have come from 2K. A lot of games have tried to have a passing nod at the horrors of war but you're then right back to pointing and clicking on the bad guys. edit There's four endings, whoever was saying there were no choices.