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  1. Dodging a Bullet

    Today a car hit a deer on the road in front of my house. Deer died, car was damaged and will probably get scrapped. No human injuries.
  2. As a former Eyefinity, current 21:9 user - that really needs to be fixed. There will be more and more of us!
  3. What Is This?

    Millennium Falcon.
  4. Dodging a Bullet

    2009. But as @Snowfella mentioned, I was talking about emergency brake assist, not ABS. I don't think there are many deaths caused by deers around here, they are so small they mostly cause minor damage to cars. But moose do cause some serious damage and take lives! I've had to dodge them three times myself. Always gives a nice adrenaline rush. Had to do some googling. In 2016 in Finland there were 1881 collisions with moose. 3 deaths, 144 wounded. In 2015 there were 3659 collisions with deer. In 2014 the number was 5297. Police doesn't care about deer collisions anymore so they don't even have statistics for 2016.
  5. Dodging a Bullet

    I did something similar a few months back. Those creatures are all over the place here. Had to brake pretty hard - found out my car has brake assist too!
  6. Delidding a CPU ?

    Depends on the exact CPU model. First make sure your CPU uses thermal compound and isn't soldered! Second make sure you select the right tool for the job. Razor blade? Vise? A dedicated delidding tool (recommended)? Then just be careful. I'd buy a delidded CPU from the store myself. I don't have the nerves to do it myself.
  7. Antibes map (WIP)

    For what it's worth, I watched the first "new cliffs" picture for a while thinking that was one of your reference photos. So, yeah, it has improved a lot lately!
  8. New Game Mode Name

    To this date I have preferred Terrorist Hunt. But Weapons Free sounds really cool! Sweep & secure sounds something the cleaning lady does.
  9. Ultra smooth gaming mouse?

    Do you mean the surface material of the mouse? Or what?
  10. The Armory

    MP5/10 SD. I used that A LOT in the old R6 games. Loved it.
  11. Questions about multikey preorder

    This depends on the engine and network/AI code really. In some games high latency makes it very difficult to play co-op. AI can see (&shoot at) you before you can see them, AI characters jump/lag around, hits doesn't get registered properly etc. I really hope we will not have much of these issues with GB but you cannot just state that lag is not a problem when playing against AI.
  12. National Day of Unplugging

    I unplug my phone every morning. Oh and I read books or comics while defecating.
  13. Shaving

    Gillette Fusion for my face and Gillette Mach 3 for everything else.
  14. How will mod installation work

    To be fair, he she already mentioned "sell their souls to the devil". Edit: damn me and my prejudices.
  15. Free GR Wildlands Beta code (Beta next week)

    Watched the trailer, not interested.