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  1. Do you mean the surface material of the mouse? Or what?
  2. MP5/10 SD. I used that A LOT in the old R6 games. Loved it.
  3. This depends on the engine and network/AI code really. In some games high latency makes it very difficult to play co-op. AI can see (&shoot at) you before you can see them, AI characters jump/lag around, hits doesn't get registered properly etc. I really hope we will not have much of these issues with GB but you cannot just state that lag is not a problem when playing against AI.
  4. I unplug my phone every morning. Oh and I read books or comics while defecating.
  5. Gillette Fusion for my face and Gillette Mach 3 for everything else.
  6. To be fair, he she already mentioned "sell their souls to the devil". Edit: damn me and my prejudices.
  7. Watched the trailer, not interested.
  8. Is it ok to post "things you love" in this thread? This just came to my mind when I read your story. Back to the topic: hemorrhoids.
  9. Does that mean GB will be an AA title? HL3 confirmed!
  10. Or Pre Early Access. Umm. Tech demo? Operator Test Version? What are we calling it?
  11. You mean a listen server, where you play and run the server simultaneously? That is not possible at this stage.
  12. You've had it easy then. Every Steam game purchased outside the Steam store is redeemed the same way. If you buy anything from the Humble Store it's the same procedure. Funny you encountered it now the first time.
  13. Now THAT'S what I call dedication!
  14. I got the game first and the book the following year. I didn't even know a book existed when I got the game.
  15. The original Rainbow Six. We talked with a friend about what is it that we we want to see in a realistic FPS game. Then R6 came and had most of that stuff in it. It was the biggest wow-factor since the original Doom. And no other game has surpassed it yet.