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  1. Preview 0.9.5 is available

    Signed up in early 2007. Yeah...got the Tech Preview...not much there. Watched all the demonstration videos. Pre-ordered...
  2. Preview 0.9.5 is available

    Able to add to STEAM? Procedure?
  3. T-Shirt

    You guys with the E X T R A shirts...how about you climb up a peak above 10,000'...leave the shirt...you get a pic of me recovering it...?

    I'm partial to the action of MP as in DYSTOPIA and FEAR, but the SP of GR feels better than the SP of GRAW or GRAW 2...
  5. T-Shirt

    What about the original edition shirt, "STRAGGLER" edition? Or, "DETACHED SERVICE", Monitoring Wayward Astronauts, or if I remember correctly, "I was watching the mountain pass for you guys while you were all enjoying a T-shirt and a lot of RR" for us earlier "joiners"???
  6. T-Shirt

    You've got the right cars in your display...
  7. Physics

    For what its worth, I'm using the Aegia card. They upgrade the drivers quite frequently.
  8. T-Shirt

    Shirt? Crap!!! I've been AFK...now I'm ###### at myself. When I'm issued my weapons and ammo...please be sure that I ask for a cleaning kit...
  9. Introducing BlackFoot's first title.........

    uh, "...right behind..you."
  10. Health System [Medics?]

    The slower movement after wounds as in OGR, blurred vision following the concussion of explosives and also, the transfer of health as in Dystopia appeal to me. That HL2 mod and FEAR Combat are the best cyber bootcamp I've ever showed up for!
  11. System Specs [formerly: Building a New PC]

    Guys - get a REAL good graphic card, a big power supply an AMD or Intel (high end dual whatever), lots of memory and NEVER skimp on cooling. You will thank yourself...everyday! P.S. Forget Vista right now. Well, unless you've got an 8800 series card. You'll need it for DX10 in the future.
  12. [Beta] Testing the game

    I'm available...
  13. The Little Things

    You can hit a target that is behind shrubs. Tent?