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  1. Nice start going on.
  2. I haven't forgotten about CityStreet Large.
  3. Sure sure, no problem. Probably this weekend or next week - - doesn't matter to me, I have not known my limit on my patience while the game is developed
  4. Easy to be roamer when news posted in this forum in weekly or monthly basis. As for the game, I'll be curious as well
  5. [Forget I said, I didn't checked what this topic is about...]
  6. Happy new year!
  7. I'll be looking forward with playing with you again Takedown did attracted some good guys that provide server service on east cost line that didn't suffer my ping all the way to Europe, that is actually bearable and still feel like I am playing an Europe server. Mhmm, too bad about Takedown but it has it's moments.
  8. No why am I kidding, it's a fun watch!
  9. Happy birthday Snowfella and Jeza
  10. And this is how Rebel forces were unable to win the critical match and break the tie count.
  11. In the upcoming weeks no doubt.
  12. I read about this by Serellan forums but hey! Looks promising to me so I will keep eye on them on monthly basis.
  13. Of course, mister