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  1. 12 strong

    have to see this
  2. sabatti str 6.5 creedmoor review

    good groups round would be good for the military.
  3. Ready Or Not (SWATlike)

    looks good
  4. 6 days

    have to see this one
  5. thor ragnarok

    can't wait
  6. Alien: Covenant

  7. john romero's irish adventure

  8. middle earth shadow of war

    looks good
  9. Battlefield 1

    looks good
  10. Official Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

    it should be at least 5 to 7 years before another call of duty gets made.
  11. Squad

    the ping kicking that some servers in battlefield 4 are doing is annoying four times today joining american friends see a message on first one joined on the screen ping is over the limit. so i leave the other two after coming in they kick me off. at least there's some good american servers that don't kick players based on ping.
  12. range 15

    looks to be fun
  13. hitman agent 47 trailer

    watched it yesterday. the fibrewire was in the movie and and draging of bodies was in the film a couple of times. this one was closer to the games i liked it.
  14. Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens

    finally saw it today good movie.
  15. Squad

    interstellar marines is another game on steam still in early access and it's going to be stuck from the looks of it. im not buying it or any other early access games on steam.