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  1. Good to see another fellow RS player. I feel like we've all been secretly waiting for like 12 years for an awesome tactical fps lol! I really hope this game features lobby style game joining vs just being automatically matched up with people. The social aspect is missing in so many games today.
  2. Need help finding a laptop

    I have asus G75. Great for gaming. It's probably a bit heavier than you want though.
  3. Running the killhouse...

    May also find this config interesting: It's early but the guys are doing some great work over at Thalmic Labs!
  4. Rogue Spear/CO DLC

    Covert Ops maps were quite small. I laddered in RS and 3vs3 and 4vs4 was just fine. Heck, the 1vs1 ladder was quite active as well!
  5. Rogue Spear/CO DLC

    Read my mind. I'd love to play some CSL and Met again! Bunker was awesome too.
  6. I remember playing with you. That era of gaming is etched in my mind... pretty sure I'd recognize anyone that surfaced from then lol. I think I only remember HSP and Sir from that list.
  7. No way, that's crazy. We were in CAN at the same time! I tried to get that working on Voobly at one point but couldn't manage. Not sure what the issue was. I'd love to jump in for a few games though sometime! Kermit going to play Ground Branch?
  8. Good chance it was me since I do remember playing with you, and I don't remember there being another Pacman in clan ladder.
  9. Anyone else from old school msn gaming zone/ladder room/clan ladder days in Rogue Spear? Maybe even covert ops?
  10. I also played Covert Ops. Mostly did 2vs2 with my best friend InFinity. Hey man. I'm pretty sure I remember you guys!
  11. As the title says, Pacman here from like 14 years ago, looking for some of the guys I used to play with back in the day! Recognizable clans of mine would have been =CAN= (Canadian Assault Network) and SG (SixGhosts). Though we're older and probably have much less time than we did back in the day for games, I'd love to hook up with some of you when Ground Branch launches and have some good games again. I haven't played with such a great community since the days of Clanladder and MSN Gaming Zone in Rogue Spear. I'm thinking Ground Branch is a chance to get a bit of that again! Also, with this being my first post, I'd like to thank BFS for taking this task on. It has been far too long since a solid tactical fps was on the market. I also hope there is an emphasis of really building a competitive community around the game as that is the difference between a good game and a legendary gaming experience.