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    Sounds like the next project for Blackfoot Studios
  2. ArmA3 announced...

    Think it's still a beta version, never tested it:
  3. ArmA3 announced...

    As explained mutiple times on this thread: "what Arma is missing" is completely a matter of personal opinion. A lot of people will call for native zombies or Altis-Live-stuff if you go down that road.
  4. ArmA3 announced...

    There are a bunch of servers which use TFAR or ACRE2 for realistic direct speech and radio communication
  5. ArmA3 announced...

    This whole discussion is nonsense. I just created the scenario you want to in less than 10 minutes without a single script command. Only units, triggers, waypoints and syncing. Works like a charm.
  6. ArmA3 announced...

    Don't be fooled by the nice graphical interface. The Arma editor isn't some simple, basic tool. It is extremely powerful. I'd dare to say that there isn't anything one can not realize in the editor with proper scripting. The drawback of such a powerful backend with so, so many possibilities: you can't have a simple dropdown box for every option. Ofc they could add an easy option for what you are trying to achieve, Flogger. But then the next person comes and wants a 2-clicks way to build his "simple" scenario. And then a thrid persons comes with yet another "simple" thing. And a fourth. Somewhere must be a line. Now there a few things which can be implemented straight forward in the editor. Many, many others (including your scenario Flogger) can be done by using modules, triggers and syncing, sometimes with a little twist. And almost everywhere is the option to hook in scripts (as simple or as complex as you want) to achieve exactly the things you want to achieve, even if no one ever did or thought of it before. (Btw I made missions with literally hundreds of waypoints, would go nuts if I had to select the right one from a list.) PS: the BI-Wiki offers imho some good information, e.g. about triggers and wayponts
  7. ArmA3 announced...

    Movement inside buildings is wonky, outside I really like it. In particular the different stances and movementspeeds. The editor is imo fine, especially given the fact that many other games don't have an editor at all. Btw shortly the new 3D editor 3DEN will be introduced (there is already a beta version in dev branch). About the destruction: is there any game in which you have realistic destruction effects on various buildings consindering things like material and thickness of the wall? I prefer what Arma has over the magic buttstock of Siege which brakes massiv wodden barriers with a single touch. And about the tunnels: (as so often in the Armaverse) there is a mod for that
  8. yet another gif thread

    Probably. The alternatives to the problem shown above are: 1) the shooter might see a hit (e.g. blood effects) although he did not hit (happens in Swat4) 2) you only play with people in your appartment, and not across the country/world Now bad netcode can make the issue worse, but even the best netcode can not completely solve the problem of network delay. Mb someone will find someday a way to tranfer information faster than the speed of light
  9. D.U.S.T.

    ACE3 with advanced ballistics enabled considers temperature, barometric pressure, humidity, wind with varying speed depending on obstacles, coriolies force and spin drift. And yes, it does that on a full server with decent accuracy. Ofc there is a performance impact, but still modern CPUs can calculate such things fast enough
  10. Game Video Thread

    Yea, I really hope Ground Branch will make a better job on implementing aircrafts... SMH
  11. Squad

    Flogger my last post referred in particular to RL. I got your point and I agree that there are issues. I used to play as sniper in Arma hence I know a lot about zoom- and LOD-issues. However I still disagree that the naked eye zoom destracts from realism. Imho it's much more unrealistic if this option is missing. Plus one can zoom at any point in time, no matter if attacker or defender, moving or not, leaning or not.
  12. Squad

    I disagree. And btw I think it's pretty common outside of CQB situations that you do not see immediately who is shooting at you. There are simply so many possible positions. Plus if you had have seen the enemy first, you'd be the one who is shooting
  13. ArmA3 announced...

    I don't play SP, but if you are talking about workshop missions from Steam: Arma saves a copy of the mission file with the actual save game, so you can continue the old mission even if it gets updated in the workshop. Mb that's what takes a lot of space?
  14. Ping display preference

    +1 for (colored) numbers
  15. Tactical games, list.

    @zoomba: mb "Due Process"?