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  1. Star Wars Battlefront 2

    proud non owner of origin or uplay. don't do business with these companies just let them rot.
  2. Hitman 6: What we want in Season Two

    going by the "content" they're giving us now, i'm guessing it's more of the same.
  3. Goose Stealth Game

    kind of funny, the human characters aren't as realistic looking as the goose though.
  4. Hell Let Loose (WW2 Tactical Shooter)

    everything about that looks great, especially the environment and character models. detailed and accurate. been a long time since anything of quality came out for ww2 west front
  5. Ghost Recon: Wild Lands

    ubisoft still ing terrible at animating/proportioning playable female characters. looks like they're just using a downsized male skeleton and animation.
  6. Tomb Raider (2018)

    they're really pushing suspension of disbelief on this one. she looks like a 2 by 4
  7. Escape From Tarkov

    they're saying it's part of their hardcore philosophy to have ff on at all times, so when you see someone you need to identify first. but it'll be difficult to enforce, especially when the game goes mainstream and attracts attention from the call of duty and counter strike crowd. i think they're catering this to people playing in known groups and communities. bad news for lone wolfs i guess. on the flipside, if you do encounter these reputable groups who likely follow the faction rules so they can accumulate karma, as a member of their faction, you're in luck and they might be able to offer protection for you. it's highly experimental and hard to predict just how players might play based on a permanent karma system.
  8. Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

    the hell? that gameplay looks like doom
  9. Star Citizen Alpha 3.0 at Gamescom 2017

    expensive no man's sky
  10. Escape From Tarkov

    the amount of detail they put into the items is really enjoyable. for example, selecting between 3 reticle types on an aimpoint like its real life counterpart, and the fact that they have seemingly so many of these pieces with fully fleshed out details. that's part of what makes it appealing, everything in this game is real, or a simulacrum of a real product/weapon in reality with its real to life function and properties. i can understand the angle they're going for, because you're going to want to collect and stockpile this stuff, and the whole looting and in depth inventory management is a kind of mini game in itself. it's taking the dopamine rush of getting something really valuable, like trading stock or investing for quick returns and transplanting it into a game and it does it very well, because the process itself of going into hostile territory, trying to keep out of sight while looting/hunting, and exfiltrating, is often filled with anxiety until the final exhilaration of getting out with all your loot intact. the actual gameplay currently feels a bit repetitive however. go in, explore, loot, occasionally fight some enemy ai with aimbot or kos(kill on sight) players, and then get to the exit point with your goodies. the guns are very detailed, but i can't vouch for how accurately they are represented, i would assume fairly accurately since the devs seem to be heavily into test shooting their real life counterparts, but at the same time, i am seeing some egregious amount of tanking going on. i think the greatest potential is combining the good stuff mentioned above with some kind of pve/coop, because the factions now do not follow any iff, everyone just kills on sight, and i cannot imagine them implementing a system that will effectively counter this. game needs pve desperately.
  11. Game Screenshot Thread

    gta5 becomes really interesting with the police mods
  12. 6 Days

    that's crazy they got nigel farrage in this movie at 0:33
  13. How Tactical Shooters Develop Distinct Styles

    by that definition, counter strike is a tactical shooter. view this video for a concise and logical explanation of what a tactical shooter is and is not. i don't agree with everything, but he is dead on regarding the difference between a game that simply looks and plays tactical and an actual tactical shooter(ie the actual genre itself and the aesthetic considerations behind this genre) and no dayz isn't even close to either a tactical shooter or a shooter that has tactical elements it's a straight up survival mmo with a toxic community and a boring premise
  14. Squad

    i thought those character models were placeholders, they look weird as hell. i will never understand how developers can their midget/hobbit/dwarve character models and think these are good enough. they look like skinny 16 year olds doing cosplay rather than grown adults. i mean if you were to do an objective measurement, you would see that either those wrists are proportionally only around 5 inches ie toddler tier or that head has around a 25 inch circumference, ie acromegaly tier. a sorts of weird stuff with the character proportions.
  15. ArmA3 announced...

    sounds like the arma 3 situation all over against. generated so much hype with the new engine talk only for the players to find out later that it was in fact a "new engine"