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  1. spot the one that doesn't belong: a good vid on the subject:
  2. they deserved what they got. blood money pisses all over the latest entry.
  3. using skin color as a focal point is just a terribad idea all around. i'm pretty sure he was using that example for how they could have been original with their progressive inclusive pretenses. the whole point of the liberal progressives is that everyone's equal, to then prop up a "black" experience as unique or superior is rather hypocritical. i just never saw the point of representing anything but the profession in a war game.
  4. the way they describe their features is actually more technical and specific than most marketing material, and makes me think they know what they're doing. the gore description for example. the trailer is original. definitely not how i imagine a typical tactical shooter. which isn't a bad thing. it gives off a se7en vibe. has a similar aesthetic to it.
  5. if ai is to be compared to special effects, there's still a difference between good and bad special effects. and ai is more crucial to the element of interaction in a game, which does not have an analog in film. the point is, i can still see the difference between real ai rule sets that interact with the world in a way that is consistent to our everyday experiences and "special effects" ai as you describe that operates in an abstract and irrational way that defies our real world expectations. in short, the ai is simplified in a particular way as to generate random encounters, and it's people's own imagination that gives character and projects behaviors onto the creature's random scripting. that's fine and all for those letsplay streamers who just want to scream into the microphone, and i'm certain that's the audience they were going for, but for an actual replayable completely inclusive experience? it doesn't work. the game thus loses a tremendous amount of value.
  6. it was about time they made a game from the german perspective. it would have totally fit as a re-entry into the ww2 setting. something old, yet new and original. they dropped the ball big time.
  7. it's all smoke and mirrors. the ai was nothing special. the "uncanny" ability of the alien comes from the fact that it can despawn and respawn near the player when the player triggers certain actions like hiding. this way it creates an artificial tension. i would have preferred if the alien was an actual entity in the game world the entire time and didn't rely on cheating such as teleportation to create artifical tension or difficulty. it's one thing to have the alien make a bee line towards you because you knocked over an object and caused a sound, it's another to have it "see" you through walls because you moved too far out of its detection radius and it needed to teleport closer.
  8. i find it funny how this thread has basically turned into a screenshot thread because there's very little actual discussion to be had over how the game mechanics work since they're either broken, simple, and bad. or maybe the screenshot scrollers serve as a visual metaphor for fingers in the ears. i saw this on arma 3 forums all the time. brings back memories.
  9. reynold's is box office poison
  10. the hd models pack convinced me to buy the game off gog, and i've since come to find the stalker experience to be pretty damn good. it's still a work in progress, the guy has made 160+ model replacements out of 600. obviously he'll never finish, but a good chunk with high fidelity and variety is already implemented. i particularly like the guy's aesthetic sense and how he keeps the vision of the game intact while maintaining high quality, realism, and style/cool factor. it's rare that mods of this scale for middle market titles can maintain that level of quality, but he pulls it off. some of the variations he created are outstanding. this is just damn impressive for a one man show, looks even better in motion:
  11. call of chernobyl, hd models and absolute nature redux
  12. art design looks like a mash up of a bunch of divergent trends. seems like something an 8 year old would come up with rather than a seasoned art director.
  13. with the right mods, stalker blows most of its competition out of the water. meanwhile next gen triple a title:
  14. they should focus on giving the characters non midget bodies.