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  1. i like the inertia demonstrated here:
  2. just like in real life
  3. no i mean 3d models artists have made. even scanning real people, some professional devs screw up, so this isn't a budget issue. like call of duty 3 and many of their subsequent games. they use like 5'6 guys from their studio dressed in gear when they should have really found some 5'9 or 6'1 guy to fill the role.
  4. i was wondering why their characters look so weird and awful and it turns out they're laser scanning gi joe figures. *facepalm* just buy some quality licensed models out there. there are tons. i really want them to succeed, but their methods are just head scratching. if they're scanning toys to be used as characters, negligent of the scaling issues, i shudder to think what other shortcuts they're doing.
  5. mainstream gaming figures do not have rigorously defined tastes, by that i mean their tastes can adapt to what some of the old schoolers might consider abject bastardizations. this is exacerbated by the fact that part of their supplementary income depends on how well they are able to cater to the broadest appeal of a particular genre or category. so i don't think you should expect much consistency in their public pronouncements.
  6. in terms of how it functions and the visual representation, i still think few games come close to the representation found in steel armor:
  7. if you put all your budget on graphics and it still looks like that, it's over. you need to quit the game industry. ubisoft has consistently been making stale, glitchy, artistically and graphically disappointing rehashed open world adventure titles for the past decade, each iteration getting more glitchy and stale than the last, and each title becoming more and more humogenous. in the end every single one of their franchises whether it be about shooting, stealthy, driving, flying, will be an open world suck fest. it's become a rule now that a ubisoft title will suck hard. the exception would be the day they make a title good enough to make people want to install their uplay bloatware to play it, and that day hasn't come since the inception of uplay. i have not seen a single gameplay feature or mechanic in their recent spate of supposedly next gen titles that isn't either a rip off of another company's or their own games from over a decade ago, but done 100x worse. i'm not even annoyed by their games anymore since i don't buy or play them, i'm actually rather annoyed by the incompetence and objectively bad taste they consistently display. only they could make a game about something as interesting as espionage or security breaching so cringingly insipid. the last thing i want in a game about hacking is roleplaying as every chan ###### anon "hacktivist".
  8. dragon rising failed because you're running around the map with 4 guys max, that's just cartoonish. also weapon mechanics were very simplified.
  9. too many feemail protags
  10. looks like a gun micromanagement sim + stalker mmo. can't help but admire the detail they put in. like mode lights on the peq, door opening animations, gun animations, etc. but with mmo, there really is no system to keep it from devolving into dayz or quake with survival elements.
  11. yep i would have chalked it up to coincidence if it weren't for the fact they're even using the exact opaque white dot icons for attachment points.
  12. terrorist hunt is probably more like a search and destroy type mission.
  13. yeah i'm reporting nearly double the frame rates, also the reworked animations are very nice. only problem i experienced is the m16 sound being loud even with sfx audio turned down. i don't know if this was a new addition or not, but i like how active the ai is now, they really dart around and try and flank you.
  14. the depictions in those games and most films are too sterile and sanitary. it would involve a lot more stabbing and slashing and be relatively noisy. here is a movie that attempted to approach it with more authenticity.
  15. mgs5 has a system that includes thousands of animation blending into one another, that's why it feels so fluid and responsive.