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  1. when will i get my key

    On Steam click "Games" on top and then "Activate a product on Steam". There you enter the key that you got on your e-mail. Ground Branch will only appear on the store when it reaches Early Access.
  2. Ground Branch Videos

    Is that Wilhem scream part of the game or edited into the video? Edit: if you don't know what that is, it's best if don't search for it. It can ruin a movie scene for you.
  3. Upcoming 4.11 based build

    It's great if that's coming with 4.12. Without spouting nonsense, I'll just say it's a hardware-based feature, unsupported by DX11, that makes better use of the GPU. It interests more to AMD users and is indifferent (or worse) with current Nvidia cards (Nvidia is miles ahead of AMD on DX11 performance), but all future cards will do better with it, the industry is pushing for it.
  4. Upcoming 4.11 based build

    I'm wondering if this engine feature is "set" automatically or if you need to tinker with the build to make it work. If it's the latter, is it on the to-do list? Also, 4.12 release notes mention some improvements of this.
  5. VOIP in game or external program

    VOIP Clients Lag Showdown (added to the users' own network delay) Skip to 3:05 for the full graph. Steam ranks at last by a huge margin. Does this change anything?
  6. Something related: Is it possible to have the low(er)-poly models appear at every distance? The shape shifting breaks immersion for me. If the game can't show the high-poly models at all times due to performance, I'd rather not see them at all.
  7. To me it's boring when the character performs at 100% while with 1hp, it breaks the immersion. And it can be fun, for the characters to die slowly, when you scale the process of dying to in-game time. I don't know how realistic this is, just an example: - You last ~3 seconds without vision or movement after you fall; - Your vision slowly comes back, very blurry at first, for ~5 seconds; - You then get limited movement and see just a bit blurry. The limitation being constrained to your secondary if you're laying down, and very slow and inaccurate aiming. It doesn't need to be 100% realistic, it only needs to believable. And the duration can be adapted: to the game mode, to the respawns left (if any), remaining time of the round, etc.
  8. Marketing and Early Access

    I was hoping to see a list of known bugs, to save everyone's time.
  9. Thinking about an upgrade

    Keep in mind, you gotta take that video with a grain of salt. They used a GPU overclocked and a tier above yours at 1080p. Basically, the perfect combination for a CPU bottleneck. Try to overclock your CPU and see if you gain any tangible performance. If that doesn't make a difference an upgrade won't.
  10. Matchmaking - scheduled multiplayer

    Not offended at all, I've only played two FPS online. For example, I thought CS:GO has both matchmaking and dedicated servers, reason why I included the term "matchmaking" in the post title. Perhaps matchmaking(wiki) isn't what I thought it was, English isn't my first language. However. the major point of the post wasn't about "matchmaking", it was about coordinating game modes/maps for when/if the active community is smaller.
  11. This video explains a matchmaking system that I thought could work well with Ground Branch, at least on the beginning until the community gets bigger. The gist of the video is, instead of scattering the players throughout several match sessions, the players sign-up for matches starting on a regular fixed time; every hour, every 30 minutes, etc. The points are: - If the players know at a certain time of the day the match(es) of a certain game mode begins, more players join in because of it; that's when that mode starts so they know there'll be players joining in like them. - Have enough players for less popular game modes/maps; - Impose a calculated gameplay strategy on the player, so he can't completely rely on luck, as he'll have to wait a long time to restart in case he loses (most certainly not a problem on GB anyway). Another option discussed in the video that may not work well is to have the players divided based on their skill level. On a continuous ranking or on qualification tests a few minutes before the match begins. I don't know if dividing the players like this would work on GB. I don't know how the community feels about a ranking system, and I don't see any motivation to perform great on the "tests" that wouldn't be game breaking.
  12. Ground Branch Screenshots

    Thank you for the video. What a gorgeous map. Huge, very detailed and it has superb lightning lighting.
  13. Cant record in OBS.

    i tried it with Fullscreen Windowed on GB and Monitor Capture on OBS and it worked. With great performance loss and choppy recording, although I just threw some settings around to test it.
  14. Animations feedback

    Thanks for the information. That does seems intuitive and easy to find convenient keys to map.
  15. Animations feedback

    Can you tell me how are the controls (key mapping) for those stances? If Ground Branch were to have a similar system I'd need to upgrade my mouse (injured left pinkie, it's uncomfortable to use Control and Shift all the time).