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  1. jeebus...
  2. did I hear someone say, "Future Soldier"?
  3. which reminds me, can we maybe have the weapon moved a little lower and to the side when it's hanging on the operator's chest, or cant it a little. so that the longer weapons don't hide half the operator's face with their stocks. references:
  4. that bothers me a lot, by the way, for some reason - having two primary weapons. so I just limit myself to only one, having an almost useless shotty as the second main (for "breaching") maybe that's why I can enjoy this game. I play on a high difficulty setting, with no HUD, solo, with limited ammo and equipment. makes the game challenging and really fun in many instances
  5. a bit unexpected to see someone else clear the whole area for me
  6. oh hey, welcome back! ---- anyway, Destructoid has an interesting review up. I liked this bit in particular: that's very accurate https://www.destructoid.com/review-ghost-recon-wildlands-425478.phtml
  7. uh, what's going on here?..
  8. I had issues with framerate from release day up until today, but as it turns out my anti-virus was to blame (today it was updated to white-list games automatically, so I guess they were aware of the issue too). finished my second province today. the fight with the final boss was a bit anti-climactic god damn, people who wrote this game are a bunch of amateurs... the voice over for this bit was cringe worthy. anyway, back to business
  9. well, that's why I proposed a customized AK, we do need a 7.62x39 weapon
  10. jeebuz, a cute girl AND a dog in mortal danger? a tearjerker for sure. I assume it's based on a true story too
  11. oh, with that I can agree
  12. oh, Wildlands is far from being a bad game, that's for sure. I can't call it "Great" either. for that to happen it would need to have the shooting mechanics from Arma, vehicle handling from GTA IV, and writing from something like The Last of Us. but it's a very enjoyable open world game, and a high quality one for sure. in hindsight, I wouldn't have felt bad if I had bought it at full price. it was a toss up between buying Wildlands or Titanfall 2, and boy am I glad I went with the former.
  13. same story here. there's so much content I don't even get to do story missions, I get stuck doing side stuff for hours. only been to 4 provinces, and only finished 1 so far. game really reminds me of playing Arma. locations are varied enough for it not to feel repetitive clearing them out one by one. when the enemies do respawn on old locations (or when you fail a mission and retry), they have different patrol routes, so clearing it out again feels different. and the game looks beautiful.