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  1. TV Show: Seal Team

    that's true
  2. TV Show: Seal Team

    watching the third episode and who do I see: Tyler Grey is apparently their military adviser (I assume he's mainly responsible for small squad tactics stuff since he's not a SEAL himself). but judging from his face, he's not amused by any of this TV crap
  3. found this web page by accident, and it has a ######ton of useful info on USSOCOM and US SOF in general. https://fas.org/irp/agency/dod/socom/index.html one of the more interesting files is called Special Operations Forces (SOF) and CIA Paramilitary Operations (I love these Special Congress Reports for the way they're written as if for children) but all of the info there is really good (USSOCOM history, its structure, detailed explanation of all its branches and their missions) hope some of you will find this info interesting
  4. What Is This?

    I'd be more interested in knowing *where* that is
  5. I was bored...

    we need one of these in GB for sure!
  6. Article about ground branch operators

    I didn't want to start a whole new thread, but I found a bunch of articles on SAD/GB by accident, they seem slightly fresher than the article in the OP (and with a lot more details), so I'll be sharing them here. the first one isn't available on the web anymore (in its original form, at least) and its full text is 7 pages, so I'll just attach a PDF of it. the second one is in two parts: https://www.ingloriousamateurs.com/cables/2014/5/22/special-activities-division-part-1 https://www.ingloriousamateurs.com/cables/2014/5/27/special-activities-division SAD history - DOUGLAS WALLER.pdf
  7. Game still alive? Not appearing on Steam.

    it's never been on Steam's store, it's just available for download if you have the key. game's alive, but no big patches are expected in the nearest future. sit tight, it's coming, just not as fast as one'd expect from a bigger company.
  8. D.U.S.T.

    why take it down, though... I wanted to buy it just to fool around in it from time to time, the price just never seemed right. now I'll never play it
  9. 12 strong

    crap, running out of time, I really should read the book before the movie comes out
  10. Red Dead Redemption 2

    rumor goes it will have shark cards like GTA Online
  11. The YouTube Thread

    pretty cool video with archival footage by Su-25 pilots from the war in Chechnya
  12. Gotterdammerung

    Firefly sucked IMHO. now, Lexx on the other hand...
  13. Ghost Recon: Wild Lands

    yeah, secret squirrel style all the way, GB *is* about CIA after all
  14. Ghost Recon: Wild Lands

    I don't use Steam most days, no point in looking for each other there. I'll be on Discord whenever I am free, hop on when you can.
  15. Gotterdammerung

    very sneaky of you to get their hopes up like that