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  1. they don't see through vegetation, the problem is when they do see your foot sticking out from under it, they immediately know exactly where your head is and can hit it as if the cover wasn't there. I completely agree with you on the sway issue, it's really annoying, I used to disable it with mods, not sure if they still work after all the changes made to fatigue in Arma 3
  2. day one purchase
  3. Steam shows a 66% off discount on Arma 3 Apex, some of you might want to check that out. probably not going to go any lower any time soon
  4. I played the sector control mode (it's called Link or something) with no respawns during the round. it was indeed like playing CS 1.4, only on a level that wasn't designed for this kind of game
  5. played it in alpha, didn't like it at all, maps really don't support this kind of gameplay. not to mention the clunky nature of Arma's character controls (cqb is terrible). maybe once good mods are made for this thing it'll become enjoyable, but there's a reason so many Arma modders are trying to develop their mods into fully fledged games on UE4 etc. - Real Virtuality is outdated
  6. the thing is, I really like Fallout New Vegas. one of my all-time favorite games. and Ubisoft's open-world games remind me of FNV sometimes. they're like lite versions
  7. I just have a feeling this will be exactly like Wildlands (which itself is very much like Far Cry 4), and I wouldn't want to pay for the same game twice. but if it has first-person camera only and better shooting mechanics (and better driving) then I'll definitely pick it up at some point
  8. wonder if it will have third-person camera
  9. it was beta, I had access to it because I, technically, bought the game (in actuality, I pre-ordered it, but didn't realize it at the time). I didn't even know there was a single player mode in it, to be honest, and I can't check now because beta ended yesterday and my game installation got deactivated on Steam (it's listed as a pre-load currently).
  10. yeah, I remember stumbling across it and spending hours disassembling and reassembling the first AK. too bad other guns require tons of point to unlock
  11. didn't buy it on Steam, grabbed it from some other site (Humble Bundle or Green Man Gaming, I don't remember which). regardless, that's not an issue for me, I just got the impression the game was out already.
  12. played 5 full rounds, and here's my review: I would get a refund if there were other similar games on the market. unfortunately, the only games I know are Squad and Project Reality, which I don't want to play. this game has two huge problems currently and one big one. first, GUI, I'll simply post a picture to prove my point: this is how the tactical map looks for me in-game. it's unusable. so, for navigation I can only use stuff that's present on the screen, like floating objective markers. the problem is, I can't find a setting in the options to make them pop out more, often I just find myself spinning for minutes trying to figure out which way the closest objective is, because the marker just doesn't appear on the screen. then there's the general flow of the GUI, which also leaves a lot to be desired. for example, I still don't understand how to pick roles. simply choosing it in the list of available roles isn't enough, there's a second step I haven't figured out yet. also, it's not instantly apparent how to join squads. simply clicking on a free spot doesn't work, neither is there a context menu, you have to click on a small icon with an arrow next to the squad's name, which is not intuitive at all. this is probably the best description of this game's GUI - unintuitive. second major issue: controls. they're as bad as in Project Reality, there's a noticeable delay between my pressing a key and my character actually doing the action, this is especially noticeable when using grenades or interacting with stuff (climbing for example), going from one stance to another, going from sprinting to running and back to sprinting again - I don't know if it's a design issue or a performance issue, but because of it controls feel stiff and unresponsive. climbing is also a bit wonky, because you can't use it everywhere, but in certain spots near any given obstacle, so often I have to run along an obstacle for a few seconds to find a spot where I can climb, which really annoys me because it takes me out of the game. also, the game fails to detect key presses almost half the time, to throw a grenade I sometimes have to press the key 3 times to get my character to get his grenade out, same goes for reloading. I press R, nothing happens, I press it again, nothing happens, I press it the third time, and then the animation finally begins. I guess some actions just prevent the character from doing other certain actions, or there is a connectivity issue? I don't know, but it's very annoying. my third issue is hit detection. I don't know why, but I can't kill anyone, people are used to it, apparently, because they're side-stepping all the time in one-on-one duels. this makes me feel like I'm playing The Division, where hit detection is client-side, so even hitting someone on your screen doesn't mean you hit him on the server, because the server has to reconcile two different versions of the event before sending you the result. this is annoying as hell, but I don't really know if I hit them on my screen (it's very hard to tell if your shots connect at all), all I know is people keep one-shotting me all the time, while I sometimes unload one third of my mag into someone with no effect. everything else about the game I really like. looks great, sounds great, maps are big and fun to play on. lack of communication with my teammates makes it a bit random, but I'd imagine having a full squad of friends in TeamSpeak would make this game 10x more enjoyable. overall, it's exactly what I wanted from Squad. if Tripwire comes up with a better GUI, tightens the controls a bit and doesn't abandon the game immediately after release I'll be playing it.
  13. bought it yesterday, didn't realize it was still in beta, the store should've mentioned it somewhere... still, looks promising, I'll try to get a few hours in it and post my first impressions
  14. don't have enough space on my HDDs to try it out, so I ordered two new SSDs and bought the game just in case they don't arrive in time...