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  1. Bomb Defusal gamemode at launch

    what does codish mean. allot of features in cod are what were in rainbow six. ladders leaning. good envirnments. they added iron sights sprinting and prone. i guess im looking at a more big picture than just saying c0d is gAyzorz plus cod had a better engine than both those games. im really looking forward to unreal 4 red orchestra runs unreal 3.5 or somthing and it runs and looks awsome with huge maps and detail
  2. Bomb Defusal gamemode at launch

    ghost recon and rainbow six are very similar to cod than counterstrike. i guess haters just hate stuff without saying why but back in the day there were no games with iron sights coupled with realistic envirnments so when cod came out it was more realistic than any other game out at the time. cod4 promod was awsome just wish games could get back to that atleast. cod4 promod is when gaming peaked for me now its a slow decay of garbage migght as well just throw my computer out. If you dont know what cod4 pro mod is its all the stuff people complain about call of duty taken out. You want to not just cater to realism weirdos because popular games make competition and competition makes the game more realistic. you cant just add all these features to force team play. team play is accomplished by real people in a competitve enviornment. I pretty much just want a good realistic shooter with fun competitve game types i think allot of people do. I guess i could just count on the fact that youll release your game and people will mod it for competition but i think that era is over games havnt had mod tools in 7 years i wish the developers could just understand people like the compete why not add the features and gametypes or less features for the matter.
  3. Bomb Defusal gamemode at launch

    have any of you people even played the original rainbow six your ideas of how realistic games should be are so conveluded thats why they made arma fpr people like you and that game is boring as hell
  4. Bomb Defusal gamemode at launch

    no make it exactly like cod4 2 sites 1 bomb defense offense. go play insurgency they tried to invent all these game types that suck its so anticlimactic it makes me wanna cry. This is online america we should be able to have this mode without the radical left realism purists calling for bomb defusal control. when people say ctf are people like OMG thats so quake 2 we need progress. damn progressives why get rid of stuff that works like the constitution capitalism and bomb defusal. progress is not always a good thing
  5. Bomb Defusal gamemode at launch

    well you can have realistic game modes to but please add bomb defuse its just a game mod dont say its counter strike because its not. Ive talked to many people working on insurgency and they freak out about it sayingf they want to be realistic and different. its a game. just add the game mode people like it. I dont know what game modes they have instore but thinking of the most popular rainbow six mode was just kill the other team and since then this game mode was invented and its very fun and competitve why not yah meen. Im a veteran RS COD4(promod) Red orchestra insurgency player. Even red orchestra devs added bomb defusal but it took like a year and by then the scene died. I know allot of realism guys that want these type of games want ultra realism and cringe at anything related to counter strike but beleive me the most realistic experience your going to get is in a competitve setting playing these games because people are accually using teamwork and strategy that the casual player will never experience. And if hey the other game modes are better than bomb defuse (for competition) then thats awsome id love to see something new and innovative that works but i think just putting it in there as an option isnt going to hurt and people will decide which one is more fun and works. This dosnt change the game mechanics and all the awsome work that is ground branch its just one way of playing it and using all the awsome features thats in this tactical shooter.
  6. This is the best gamemode for competitve players for ladders and leagues. Insurgency refuses to add bomb defuse gamemode and instead tried to reinvent the wheel with a million terrible game modes and it really killed it for competition. please add a bomb defuse game mode its proven to work in squad based tactical shooters. im so excited for your realeased on steam and im looking forward to making custom clan patches in paint like the old days on msn gaming zone lol