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  1. Graphical Advantage?

    Well, to start off: In moving pictures: Personally, I can very clearly see the difference between a movie in the normal cinema with 24 FPS, and the IMAX with 60 FPS. I really don't understand how someone would not be able to discern the two. (The difference is so clear, I could easily tell whether it is 24 FPS of 60 FPS while looking at only one, i.e., not doing a side-by-side comparison.) But maybe you personally don't, and I guess you should be lucky with that as you won't have to spend as much..? o.0 Superweird. Second, there is a MAJOR difference between passively watching a movie, and actively controlling a videogame. As WanhaPatu mentiond, there is a clear difference in input lag, or more generally, a feeling of smoothiness, that the character responds exactly how you would expect him to. This is difficult to quantify, but that doesn't mean it's nonsense. (Though this responsiveness might be more important when with fast-paced games like CS:GO, and less with "realistic slow sluggish" games like GB will be? Tbh not really sure about that.) As PepperBelly mentioned, there is a lot written about this. I would look it up for you, except that I don't feel like doing your research for you. Seriously though, do some research. Google a bit, watch some YouTube videos etc. [And lastly, "considering how your eyes cannot process higher than 60-70 frames" is a very vague statement and has no meaning at all, if you don't further specify exactly what you mean... Like this, it is utter b.c., no offense. For example: "the difference between a movie running at 50 Hz and 70 Hz is not noticeable" (which I doubt), or "the human eye cannot see things if they appear shorter that 1/100th of a second" (which is definitly not true) would be more precisely phrased and add a meaningful statement to the discussion.]
  2. Suppression mechanics

    What if you scare the player with some very unpleasant sound and visual effects on death? The kind that make you really uneasy. For instance: 1) The opening of the movie Enter the Void: , at 10 seconds2) The start of the closing credits in the movie Sunshine: Especially when using headphones, I would dread being shocked with these kind of experiences... It only works when you're really focused and tense, not when you are having fun running around and shooting at stuff, but I'm guessing GB is going for the former anyway with it's realism and insta-death. Of course, resorting to these kinds of means is really embracing the fact that GB is actually a game, but the goal is give the players a sensation of tension that is otherwise simply lacking. I.e., the purpose justifies the means? P.S. Both are totally awesome movies which I fully recommend watching: Enter the Void is a kind of slow-paced, weird cult movie with a fantastic atmosphere; Sunshine is a thriller-on-a-space-ship with fantastic visuals as well. From approx. 20 minutes in, the ###### starts hitting the fan, the tension starts, and it will slowly crush you, not letting go until the closing credits start. An amazing experience, especially if you get absorbed in the movie (i.e. audio a bit loud, lights off etc.).
  3. Breathing cycle

    Until there are supercreepy devices that make you feel things while playing videogames, I am perfectly OK with hearing my heartbeat while struggeling for my life...
  4. Adversial & Axis Team Identification

    But if your camo is dictated by your team, you can't pick the correct camo to be actually camouflaged. Wouldn't that be a shame?
  5. Store is open... sort of

    I bought the Operator Edition! I hope you will rake in a nice amount of money in the coming months; enough to start hiring a small team and get this game done!
  6. Any news on the technical demo?

    Right on, you guys rock!
  7. Equipment

    What happens in real-life if you aim a torchlight at someone wearing night-vision goggles in the dark? What will happen in the game? What happens in the game if you aim a torchlight at someone _not_ wearing night-vision goggles in a low-light situation? Will you ruin his eye-adaptation, effectively blinding him?
  8. Planning Phase

    Yes, I too really liked the SWAT 4 briefing style. If felt very immersive. Specifically the element that I found interesting about Due Process however, was the ability to draw up plans in a quick and efficient way, as a catalyst for teamwork in multiplayer matches.
  9. Equipment

    Dear all, In analogy with the "Weapons" thread, I deciced to start an "Equipment" thread. There have been some isolated threads about certain pieces of gear, but I haven't seen an overview thread. (I looked back a little over a year.) So, to get started: will there be: IR/heat vision goggles? And how do these interact with smoke grenades? Optiwands, to check under doors / around corners? (Like in SWAT 4) Door wedges, to jam doors? (also like in SWAT 4) How do Flashbangs / Torchlights / Strobelights interact with Nightvision Goggles / "Human nighvision" (i.e. eye adaptation in the dark)? Both IRL and in the game? Gas grenades / gas masks? I'm guessing no's 2 and 3 depend a bit on the theme of the game... The make sense in SWAT 4, but maybe not in Ghost Recon. But they would in certain Rainbow Six missisions, I guess? Personally, I really enjoy these types of missions.
  10. Planning Phase

    Personally, I hope there is at least basic planning! I really enjoyed that, like I enjoy finishing levels in Doorkickers ( with a single plan. Since the game starts out as a multiplayer game, what do you think of the planning in Due Process ( In this game, you draw on your map and it will show up on everyone else's as well. I can imagine that this really improves communication in a multiplayer planning phase. In Due Process you can do it during the complete round I think, but if the drawing is restricted to a planning phase, it will still be realistic. (As in real-life, the plans would have been drawn in ahead of time.) Furthermore, the drawings in Due Process also show up in the world itself, this won't be necessary. (Though, why wouldn't you do it? It's not realistic, but realistic soldiers have time to memorize the map and plans, while in a multiplayer game we don't... At least worth thinking about I would say.)
  11. If you could play one R6/RS MP map......

    I have never played Rainbox Six multiplayer. I tried to look up some gameplay on YouTube, but all I could find was co-op Terrorist Hunt. Could someone describe for me how that versus game modes played out? What were the gamemodes, and how did people "behave", i.e., was it run-and-gun or organised/careful/steady?
  12. Project scale / rough timeline

    Thank you for your answers, Jeza and John. I wasn't trying to suggest that are wasting money, I should have been more clear. Sorry about that! I just had to think about that game because of it's very long development time, which include at least one start-over if I recall correctly. Anyway, thanks for clearing up the situation up for me. You guys must be really working your asses off... Take care of yourselves, and good luck! May your spirits remain high and progress steady! Your sincerely, nlgenesis
  13. Dear Blackfoot Studios, A few years ago, I came along this website and got really excited about the game. The same thing happened a week ago: I read the full FAQ, and some thread on the forums, and I'm absolutely psyched! But I have no idea of the scale of this project, and what to expect from it. For example, how many people are working on it, and how many hours a week? Are 3 people working full-time? Or 10? And in the same line, I read that the release date is now known yet, and I respect that. But is there a very rough timeline? Should we expect the game in 2015? Or in 2017? To be completely honest, from the activity from this forums, I get a little bit the Duke-Nukem-Forever vibe... Which scares me a bit, because of how enthusiastic I get about this game every time I discover it again! Is there something we can do to help development? Is it useful for me to make a donation (< €100)? I guess, what I'm trying to gauge, is whether I should stay involved and excited, or whether it's better to accept that it's not really going to happen in the forseeable future and forget it exists? Many thanks, yours sincerely, nlgenesis