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  1. Ground Branch Screenshots

    please, i can only get so erect
  2. Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain

    ^ on the subject of supernatural stuff, the phantom pain looks like it has a LOT more of it now
  3. Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain

    as somebody who has played every mgs, i think the core of the series has changed over time just as much as splinter cell (haven't played the newer splinter cell games though but i've seen the gameplay), look at mgs1 - pure stealth, almost no run and gun mechanics, the only parts where you aren't using stealth are the boss fights and some action sequences now look at where it began to change, at around mgs3 it started to give players the option to play aggressively and not use stealth so you can destroy enemy outposts and run through the forest shooting at anything that moves and still easily progress through the game; basically be rambo - literally, if you fire the stoner 63 on full auto, snake yells like rambo however if you play on the higher difficulties, stealth is necessary still, so it at least kept that factor now i see the gameplay trailers for the phantom pain and after finishing ground zeroes, there is so much more explosions and action sequences, sure you can still use stealth but judging by the gameplay from the new game, it looks like you can run and gun even on the higher difficulties with minimal penalties, i guess that's what you get with an open world game
  4. but you already can turn your head independently from your gun?
  5. Ground Branch Screenshots

  6. Epic photo

    well yeah it's the first time it happened
  7. Ground Branch Screenshots

  8. Game Screenshot Thread

    gee, i wonder where you could have gotten the idea for that, jeza lol i'm not very good at beamngdrive
  9. AI Work In Progress Video #2

    noice zoomba
  10. Just who are the 'bad guys' (game Tangos) these days?

    i'm probably wrong but how could they overpower both special forces teams if they arrived after the escape happened? At 2 pm, a mixed special ops team, formed with nine U.S. Army Special Forces and six British Special Boat Service operators, arrived and joined the Afghans
  11. Just who are the 'bad guys' (game Tangos) these days?

    now why would they create a super elite group of soldiers just to fight farmers?
  12. Star Wars: Battlefront

    to be honest i don't know why people are saying "AT-ATs on rails are stupid" - the ones in battlefront 2 you could only walk in a straight line essentially because the maps were narrow
  13. Just who are the 'bad guys' (game Tangos) these days?

    don't forget space aliens
  14. Just who are the 'bad guys' (game Tangos) these days?

    no, not like the battlefield 3 mission what are you, a child?
  15. Game Screenshot Thread

    does arma 3 still have that retarded animation where if you shoot, the upper half of your character moves back with the recoil?